GHAC remains on Radio 1 "A" playlist

Added on Thursday 17 November 2005, 18:42 (GMT)

Even though (Don't) Give Hate A Chance has been available in the (UK) shops for nearly two weeks, BBC Radio 1 have kept the single on their "A" playlist for a further week from today.  The single made it onto the "A" playlist at Radio 1 on 20 October and shows that the radio station are still firmly supporting the track, even though it didn't chart so well on Sunday.

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I'm really pleased with that, usually Radio 1 drops the singles that don't chart so well and have been on the A list, or pulls them down to the B list. Especially as there are a whole load of songs bound to go A list next week (i.e Coldplay and Robbie boo!), its great to have it for 1 more week, give it more promo! But i have a feeling it'll be off next week....hope not though!

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