MAX TV Australia show on Friday

Added on Thursday 17 November 2005, 06:38 (GMT)

At 20:30 on Friday (18 November), MAX TV in Australia will show an hour long programme about Jamiroquai.  The description of the show is as follows:

Hanging With Jamiroquai, Friday 18 November, 8.30pmWatch MAX on Friday night for an hour of behind-the-seams footage and prodding interviews with fashionable superstar Jamiroquai. It's an open-door special that gets you inside the Tarago and throws some big questions at the funkmeister.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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ARGHH! What a great show to watch! The times i need Fox..... :( Someone tape this and pass it around! :)

This sounds like a great show! It would be great if someone could tape it for us UK fans!

I've had a look on Foxtel (where MAXTV is shown) and it includes the Interview with Jay had with Andrew G a couple of months ago, so if any Aussies missed the interview, then they'll be showing it again. I presume for the rest of the show, they'll show clips of their songs or if we're lucky, another interview :)

It must be a great show indeed! could someome tape it for overall fans?

i hear rumor that quai will be on Sirius radio tonight hosting a not even sure if they have a gig tonight looking into it and i figured if i posted this if anyone knew what was what, we could get more details for all the other fans out there.


my buddy again confirmed with a little more detail jamiroquais presences on Sirius. its on a show called "left of center" and it is from 6-9. He said that IF it wasnt tonight it was next thursday or even BOTH thursdays! Now i dont have this Sirius crappy pay-for-what-should-be-free radio, however im sure at least one person out there does. and to that one person, i say Cheers!

hope my buddy wasnt lying, if he is then ill post his address here and we can all send him hate mail and whatnot


holy mackeral

if u want the andrew g video goto sign up and get it from the audio/visual section ....

does anyone kno wot behind the scenes videos they are doing?

I watched the show tonight and it was the Andrew G interview with Jamiroquai videoclips in the middle of the interview - so there was nothing new, but good to see it again :) :) :)


in regards to my comments, it turns out my buddy was wrong about jamiroquai hosting on Sirius. it turns out it was the first broadcast of the tune on at least that at least somehting happened

Send hate mail to:

340 Cricket Ln
Harleysville, PA 19438

that tune being Seven Days

my appologies

send hate mail to

J. R. Wagner
100 S. countyline rd
telford, pa 18969

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