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Added on Wednesday 16 November 2005, 12:56 (GMT)

Following the earlier news item about a UK DualDisc release of Dynamite, has today announced the release including confirmed track listing information.

The album will be released in the UK on 28 November. 

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Can someone tell if it works on regular CD/ DVD players? I've never seen any of this. :P

Is cheaper in the states or over here?

it was 18.99usd in the states
however that converts


18.99? no way!!!! if you get new releases on the day they come out, you get it cheaper. mine was 11.99, and i had to go pick up another one for a friend last week and it was 14.99. and yes, the cd plays in a cd player and a dvd player. well, it should!

i wish i went shopping with deesha. both my buddies and mine were 18.99.
and with the cd, it doesnt play in a select amount of cd players and dvd players, namely the cheap ones. like the cd player in my car. to circumvent this problem, make a cd-r copy of the cd side of the disc and youll be Dynamiting in no time.

i must say, the ride home from the mall with the cd not working was the roughest and most painful 31 minutes in my life. it all payed off when i got home.


To Sony: Release it here in Argentina!!
Thanx David for the news ;)

Cuca: have a read of

Hopefully this will answer your questions.

I bought it on Ebay for only 9,99 dollar!
It even came with letters from sony/bmg

Is there any way of getting it signed?

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