Dynamite UK DualDisc release

Added on Wednesday 16 November 2005, 08:05 (UTC)
Dynamite DualDisc artwork

Jamiroquai are getting ready to release a DualDisc edition of Dynamite in the UK in time for the holiday season.  DualDisc is a format where one side of the disc is the regular CD audio, and the other side contains DVD content such as videos.

According to, the CD side will contain the regular album (including the track Time Won't Wait), and the DVD side will contain the following:

  • The entire album in enhanced stereo
  • Making of Feels Just Like It Should music video
  • Feels Just Like It Should promo music video
  • Seven Days In Sunny June promo music video

The album also contains the gold buffalo man cover artwork as originally seen on the US release of Dynamite and recent re-issues of the album.  This release looks identical to the recent US DualDisc release (other than the DVD will be in PAL format and not NTSC).

The listing at gives a release date of 21 November, although I believe the actual date will be 28 November - which should give Sony BMG time to hopefully update the DVD to include the video for (Don't) Give Hate A Chance!

Credit: Jonny Crawford

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