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Added on Wednesday 16 November 2005, 08:05 (GMT)
Dynamite DualDisc artwork

Jamiroquai are getting ready to release a DualDisc edition of Dynamite in the UK in time for the holiday season.  DualDisc is a format where one side of the disc is the regular CD audio, and the other side contains DVD content such as videos.

According to, the CD side will contain the regular album (including the track Time Won't Wait), and the DVD side will contain the following:

  • The entire album in enhanced stereo
  • Making of Feels Just Like It Should music video
  • Feels Just Like It Should promo music video
  • Seven Days In Sunny June promo music video

The album also contains the gold buffalo man cover artwork as originally seen on the US release of Dynamite and recent re-issues of the album.  This release looks identical to the recent US DualDisc release (other than the DVD will be in PAL format and not NTSC).

The listing at gives a release date of 21 November, although I believe the actual date will be 28 November - which should give Sony BMG time to hopefully update the DVD to include the video for (Don't) Give Hate A Chance!

Credit: Jonny Crawford

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I've bought this version of Dynamite (US version) and it's better than the classic european version: TWW added, a better sound quality, and last but not least, the gold buffalo man on the front cover. But the video part is not as good as I expected: only two clip, no subtitles in the making of FJLIS, and a bad menu in DVD section. Anyway, It's a great version, better than the previous, for a great album!

yer - ihave already bought the us version on amazon and it is identical, why was it not released earlier and more videos?

Typical, bloody typical of the record label- AFO gets cut short (Did you know the original tracks on that album were longer?), and now we see the latest album re-released with new features as a "special edition"? If it's the same price, I might just buy for the other CD, but this will probably cost about £20 in the record stores- how can that be justified? I'm just glad that there's no extra track, because the real fans would feel more than cheated. Again, this smacks of incompetence. Better promotion in the first place would have done this album more justice, but now it's getting refurbishment in time for Christmas? Try chucking in the full length remixes for Time Won't Wait, Starchild and GHAC and it'll be worth it.

as far as the justification - the same thing happened to us over here (america). when the album was released overseas, they released 2 different ones here. #1. no TWW and it was regular price - 15 bucks (which i only found in new york, not in my hometown) #2. TWW included and it was literally like 27-28 bucks (import price). yikes! now, they knew that any fan would buy #2, because of TWW. we hadn't had an album in 4 years! then, a month or so later, we got the dual disc release, which i paid 12 bucks for and of course i was going to buy because of the making of the video thing with jay (there were promo copies of both videos floating around, so many people already had them before the dual disc came out). my point is they had 3 different versions over here knowing that people would atleast buy 2 of them. cha-ching - $$$$. marketing/label people will get that money no matter what. true, no one MADE me buy 2, but still....
it's all good.

I totally agree with you, deesha. I bought the #1 first, because Tower Records had it for $18.99 and the #2 TWW import was $31.99. That was before I heard TWW, and had to go buy #2. Much to my dismay, I also had to buy the DualDisc for the videos, just like I had to buy every single that's been released so far (still waiting for DGHAC to arrive here).
A similar phenomenon is going on right now with Goldfrapp's latest record. It was released in the UK and as an import in the US ($30.99-ouch!) back in September, and the official US release date is March 7, 2006, about SIX MONTHS after the UK release. What the $*@% ? An interesting argument can be made that all of the big fans in the States are adding to the sales in the UK, pushing records to "Platinum" status much faster than by UK domestic sales alone.
After Sia had "Breathe Me" featured on the series finale of the US hit TV show, "Six Feet Under" (popular in UK?), Astralwerks has now planned to release her record in the US, almost TWO YEARS after the UK release.

I just don't understand the UK/US music release agenda/process. I can understand that certain bands are popular only in their home country, but how does Tower Records justify $30.00+ for "Imports"? Perhaps their distributor marks them up?

I blame the state of popular music in the US for these types of problems. US Top 40 music is terrible! Maybe 2 of the Top 40 are actually listenable. It seems to be all about the image and not about the music here. The fact that Jamiroquai are playing at 2,500 seat auditoriums in the US is a good case in point that illustrates the US Music Crisis very well.

Esta padrisimo el Dualdisc comprenlo ami me lo regalaron que suertudota soy saludos desde Mexico
PD: Diganle A Jay Kay que lo Amo Gracias jamirofan`s

I am a little confused! Did the UK not have Time Won't Wait on it? I bought it from HMV the week it came out and the cd I have has that track on it. Just checked on play and in the tracklisting it doesn't feature Time Won't Wait. What happened there?

Niki: have a look here

I just searched (UK) site and it is listed there.

Sorry, think I was typing in a hurry and not making sense. I bought the original UK version of Dynamite when it 1st came out and it did have Time Won't Wait on there. But now when I look on it seems as though the normal version of Dynamite does not have Time Won't Wait. I wondered why that was?

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