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Added on Wednesday 16 November 2005, 06:52 (GMT)
Sola Akingbola has updated the tour diary blog on his website with a day by day rundown of the recent European tour leg.  An example of one of the daily entries is as follows:

September 18 - Hamburg, Germany

A serious near miss for Jay last night; he seriously damaged his wrist when he fell on the tour bus and ended up in hospital. It’s a miracle that it wasn’t a more serious accident and consequently we are all very happy and relieved to find out that he is ok and, despite everything he is determined for the show to go on. There’s no stopping him; he’s a legend – in his own lunch hour – and, restricted though his movements are, which will mean less dancing tonight, he can focus more on his vocal performance and more energy in those vocal chords works wonders and, as usual, he knows that we’re right behind him on stage.

Sola is also running a new competition on his site to win an awesome collection of goodies from the tour such as t-shirts, a signed programme and a tour jacket.

The entire diary (together with photos) which I strongly encourage you to read, together with details of the competition, can be found at Sola's website.

Credit: MissyM

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Wooohooo! Sola is the man!!! Great tour report. And look what he has written on October 5!! :D

Yup, how cool is that!

Sola is simply incredably cool. I have massive respect for this guy. Also, big up to Meike from Jamirotalk for getting a really good mention in that blog.

Undeniably, Sola IS the man:) Wonderful insight on life during the tour. Wonderful read to start my day with! How cool is that Meike? An entire diary entry dedicated to you and your son. Congrats my man!

or should it be congrats my woman?

WOW, Feel bad for Jay, that's twice now he's had an accident on the tour bus, right? Pray for this guy man. Yeah big ups to Sola and Meike for the great updates, respect.

grizz - that's from september, so i think it's the same incident.

lovely meike!

all the way from akingbola.. :)

yes, Claudia... I am a woman. But you can call me "Mouse"... ;)

...and yes, it was the same accident. It happend on the way to Hamburg. That's why he couldn't move and dance a lot at the Hamburg concert.

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