Japanese Fan Club Party

Added on Tuesday 15 November 2005, 12:34 (GMT)

On Monday 14 November the band attended a "Fan Club Party" at the DUO Music Exchange in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. 

This party was for members of the fan club, and looking at some of the photos of the event from the WireImage website, in addition to the band being present, the venue had some funky Jamiroquai furniture (from Japanese designers Waazwiz) and there was also some Jamiroquai Adidas exclusive sportswear on display.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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Looks like where in the world are Paul and Sola? I see Matt, Rob, Derrick and Jay but no Paul and Sola :( Great pics by the way!

damn! those japanese fans are so loyal and deserve some love like this. they had furniture and exclusive sportswear? this is the type stuff i wish they'd (or we or whoever) would do in america. i'm happy for the fans over there...enjoy :)

There is no reason why we couldn't have organized something like that over here in the States...oh yeah except that the promotion over here sucked. It looked like they had a great time.

Lovin the pics! and the sportwear and furniture! supa cool! wish they had the same promo in the uk and all over the world! need more advertising!

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