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Added on Tuesday 15 November 2005, 07:09 (GMT)

Rob has added a new entry to his online diary written from his hotel room in Tokyo, Japan.

"A lot of us had our families come out to LA.I had a nice few days with my wife and son.I needed that.I don't think he gets what his dad does yet.He's only young,it must seem odd to him that his dad travels round the world with a piece of wood with strings on it stands in front of people making noises.We're halfway through now.Lots of gigs to go,i'm looking forward to them."

The full diary entry (which provides a great insight into what Rob and the rest of the band get up to off-stage) can be read at

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hopefuly im going to jimiroqai's gig in mum is going with a couple of friends. but when we bought your dvd that was taped in verona the crowd was absolutly going off!
im so excited to hear what mum has to say...

love bj

jetlag is a straight up *, espesh when goin from warm weather to freezin cold. it doesnt help

Rob, you're a star just for taking the time to keep us mere mortals informed about such fascinating stuff. Thankyou so much. xxx

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