FJLIS "Ralphi & Jody" remixes

Added on Monday 14 November 2005, 19:28 (GMT)

A new set of remixes of Feels Just Like It Should have recently surfaced from the US.  Three remixes by "Ralphi & Jody" (who are US DJ/Producer/Remixer Ralphi Rosario and Jody Den Broeder) have been pressed both onto vinyl and also CDR promo releases through Epic records.  The mixes are as follows:

  • Feels Just Like It Should - Ralphi & Jody's Vivacious Vox Mix
  • Feels Just Like It Should - Ralphi & Jody's Vivacious Vox Dub
  • Feels Just Like It Should - Ralphi & Jody's Vivacious Radio

In addition to appearing on an Epic CDR promo and also on vinyl, the radio edit was recently one of the tracks on the Abercrombie & Fitch clothing in-store playlist in the US during October.

A one minute clip of the Vox Mix of the track can be heard at the DJ Mark Bisson website (in the October 2005 archive area).

Full track listings of the promo releases are now in the Feels Just Like It Should page of the discography.

Credit: Jason Wallace

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Yeah, I saw this on ebay, although I'm not too excited about the way they sound. Just my opinion, but I listened to the sample, I little too spacey for my tastes. :)

wow, this is so cheesy it almost makes me...nevermind!
might as well mix in Cher while they're at it

I feel like I'm in Berlin, dancing with a martini in my hand and all decked out in black, while listening to that song...and I don't particularly like that feeling. This is a little too clubby for me.

i dohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn like i'!

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