Tokyo set list (Tuesday)

Added on Tuesday 15 November 2005, 14:20 (GMT)
Here is the set list from the concert held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday night.
  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. You Give Me Something
  7. Love Foolosophy
  8. Black Capricorn Day
  9. Use The Force
  10. High Times
  11. Alright
  12. Seven Days In Sunny June
  13. Dynamite
  14. Love Blind
  15. Don't Give Hate A Chance
  16. Main Vein/Time Won't Wait
  17. Deeper Underground

Jamiroquai perform a second night at the same venue on Wednesday.

Update: Please refer to the visitor comments on the site as this set list may not be completely accurate.

Credit: Naomi O

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Always the same set list, always the same... Where are the new tracks? It's disapointing!

You think that with the band required to know 50 songs, JK would be calling different tracks on the fly.
Guess not.

Does it really matter if they're throwing some variation into the setlists? It's not like we're there to hear all the differences...

Well no, we're not there, but hopefully we could hear a bootleg of the concert sometime. I totally agree that they need to pull out more variety. Especially if you are lucky enough to go to more than one show. But, as you can see Japan got a few more songs then any where else. They don't usually do all of the new tracks together in the same show. I would have loved to be there!!!

I had the chance to go to 3 shows, Las Vegas and both in San Francisco. I do agree that as talented as Jay Kay and the band are, they should mix up the set list every night. I was impressed by the sound of the band although i will say this that the origianl Jamiroquai with Stuart, Toby will never be replaced. No disrespect to the current band. Jay Kay with such a world of Talent knew back then when he had the original that he had something special. Those guys could mix a set list like no other. Once again, not taking away anything away from them now. They sounded fantastic, and to see them live is what i have waited for since AFO. I just wish that the band would know that they are missing songs that fans from 93 want to hear.

the guys did a 17 song set list in new york and toronto and maybe some other places and they threw in mr.moon in AC. the setlist REALLY doesn't matter to me. when you are there dancing, singing, just feeling good - the last thing on your mind (well, mine...) is the variety of the setlist. there are fans in countries that would love to see the band and meet them, and don't have the chance - so no complaints from me. it's alright now...

compare jamiroquai's setlists to jam band Phish. never once did phish play the same gig...and the same goes for the grateful dead. these two bands have an entire industry in bootlegs alone becuase of variance from concert to concert. for the longest time ive been a huge jamiroquai fan but this does not impress me in the least. i dont knwo if i could make the same sound but i could definitly put on a better mix. im sure we all could.

no disrespect to Jay but if you want people to jump on the wagon in the states, they are gonna have to try a bit harder, and to keep other folks on the wagon they are gonna have to mix it up. i would have gone to as many shows as i could afford in the states had each show had more of a difference. but i knew better. im a fan so i hold the right to criticize. this is a business your in gentlemen (and ladies), and youve made all the funk that makes our ears melt, and you want the next level, worldwide stardom. time to take a bit of a business approach.

i guess i say this becuase it pains me to know how good of a band they are. and becuase i know im one of five people in my area who have even heard of them. and i suppose its also becuase i want them to be like the stones down the line, still touring in diapers, still making hits, still carrying the fan base. maybe in europe...maybe i need to move.

Concerning the set list, in my opinion, they must bring some kind of brand new songs. They have rehearsed 50 songs and we have always in each concert Deeper, Alright, Little l, Love Fool or cosmic. I really like all these songs, especially with their new sound but I think they must play more new songs from Dynamite (Where are Electric Mistress, Black Devil Car and FJLIS?) and give more variety in their different concert. They have the talent, they have the songs, they have the time , now they MUST make the difference in this Dynamite Tour with bold choice in the set list. For example, Black Capricorn Day is a bold choice, but it's not enough. Anyway, let's see what happen' in the next few days...

I really want EOPE in Japan tour. Of course I love the latest ones, but I want to sing "Now we got emergency..." with Jay once again. The band should care both new and old funs. From a Japanese fun with poor English vocabulary.

we know WE are fine with their setlists to an extent.
jay could be beyond drunk and derrick could be playing drums backwards and we'd still love it
thats why we are jamiroquai fans.
i agree with deesha that i can still get down as i did at A\C...
But, like i said above, their repetition kept me from flying to denver, vegas and L.A.
i just didnt see the worth past being able to see them again.
i wouldnt see my brothers band if they continually played the same gig. in fact id stop going all together.

different strokes for different folks. it's all good!

Seeing as it the Dynamite tour I would at least have an extra two songs from the album. But where's Blow your Mind. Such a good a song. I know they have to rehearse quite a lot and Jay may have forgotton the words to songs he didn't like as much that jamiroquai did. But still there is some real classics there: Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Canned Heat, Revelution 1993 and high times.

whens wallis comin back?

I don't think Wallis is coming back. Not for this tour at least.

*sigh* i really wish they wouldve played love blind for the chicago concert...oh wells it was still great.

Yeah the set list is very redundant, but that's because we've seen it here in NA many times. I noticed the European fans were noting weeks back that the NA set list was different from the Europe shows.

What would really take the show to a different level is the addition of some horn and/or wind instruments.
Think of the variety that would add! Whoa, can you imagine hearing "High Times" sound even better than it did with the horn lines? What about "You are my Love" or "When you gonna learn"? Or the sexy flute and sax in "Talulah" and that dreamy trumpet in "Morning Glory" (are you kidding me ? - there would be love-making in the audience that night, lol)

True fans of Jamiroquai will love their performance no matter what the set list, but JK should definitely push the envelope here in the states to re-introduce the mastery of the instrumentation and writing in their music. It's been too long without widespread appreciation here - Give'em all you got guys!

Hopefully you hear us....

Every tour have a selection of tunes and people of diferents towns and countries can listen the same songs !!!

We hope a diferent setlist for the 2006-2007 tour !!! it´s true jay ???

You know.. it's been a while since they've released an album.. and even longer since they've been stateside..nevermind the repitition..I'm thankful they are back on tour..and I look forward to seeing them again (whether the set list is the same)..when they come back to the States!!

I'm not sure which Tuesday night concert Naomi O went too, but I sure as h*ll didn't hear 'Don't Give Hate a Chance'!! I was waiting all night and shocked that it (and 'Feels just like it should') weren't played.

Budokan was much smaller than I thought, but the acoustics worked against the band :(

But, that didn't stop the Japanese crowd and me...and my two green glow sticks, from breaking traditions and rockin' the roof off! BANZAI !!!!


spice it up boys, we know you can. i cant wait to see what 3 different tracks they play at the same venue tomorrow...

Hank: I've just seen the following set list from the Sony Music Japan website....


Is this more accurate? Any help would be appreciated.

David: According to Udo, a ticket promoter of Japan tour, set list on 15th was

Canned Heat
Space Cowboy
Cosmic Girl
Revolution 1993
Little L
Seven Days In Sunny June
High Times
Light years/You Give Me Something
Love Blind
Use The Force
Black Capricorn Day
Love Foolosophy
Time Won't Wait
(Don't) Give Hate A Chance
- - - - - encore - - - - -
Deeper Underground

And it seems that on 16th was the same.

Raizo: looking at the website, it looks like they just printed the paper setlist, which isn't always what is performed on the night. For example they wrote "Light Years...or...You Give Me Something".

Can anyone who was there confirm?

Oh, another suggested setlist is one i found at the forum:

"canned heat, space cowboy, cosmic girl, revolution 1993, little L, seven days in sunny june, high times, dynamite, don't give hate a chance, you give me something, use the force, black capricorn day, love foolosophy, main vein/time won't wait, deeper underground."

In response to “goose” and the change of sets lists and making a comparison to the Grateful Dead: As much as I love JK and band, they WILL NEVER have ICON status-like a Jerry Garcia-who was the leader of entire drug induced 60’s 70’s generation playing live concerts on average 4-6 hours and the fans really letting go ( probably because their on psychedelics)-but I can tell you from 25 + years as a dead fan-that I have NEVER seen an audience react to a band like a Grateful Dead Concert…

I agree with Deesha, going to A Jamiroquai concert, is all about having a great time-as the music is so danceable and about feeling good and most people their are not concerned about the set list.

Even if JK played different sets every night –people in the States will not be traveling around like a Dead or even Phish show- the sets and jams are not long enough !

David: There isn't anyone who attended the live around me. As you might check out, different site says different set list including here However, I think the band didn't play Light Years. And I don't know whether they performed Dynamite or not. This is because, the most reliable among the Japanese fan site wrote they didn't do it. That Jamiroquai did about 15 songs for 2 hours long must be true. I won't miss their performance and convey you the accurate set list, if time permits and I could go to the live on 20th. The venue of Osaka live is relatively small, so many Japanese-iroquai are looking forward to it. It is exquisite for me, if the band change a little and start EOPE!!!

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