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Added on Sunday 13 November 2005, 17:39 (GMT)
(Don't) Give Hate A Chance artwork

(Don't) Give Hate A Chance entered the Official UK Singles Chart today (Sunday) at number 27.

Looking at UK single releases on the Sony (and not Acid Jazz) label, Jamiroquai have had three worse singles chart debuts over the years - When You Gonna Learn entered the singles chart at number 28 in September 1993, Corner Of The Earth entered at number 31 in July 2002, and Emergency On Planet Earth entered at number 32 in August 1993. 

Dynamite dropped three places in the album chart to be at number 76 (against my hopes/wishes).

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Again Jamiroquai are suffering from a lack of advertising,an excellent track like this should be top 5.I have seen one advert for the new track.
My cd single didn't arrive from the official site either,who looks after Jamiroquai's promotional work?

Yup, ouch indeed. At the end of the day, good promotion and a better selection of tracks on the single would have helped - but who knows by how much...

King for a day was higher??? A poorer tune in my opinion and a poor video,although as a general rule Jamiroquai video's are excellent.

They should have made it a double A side with Bad Girls,anybody else agree?

Ur joking. that's like a kick in the teeth. I agree with scott. Should be top 5 material. Hopefully sales of the single will rise and will see it in the top 20 next week. Sony if your listening MORE ADVERTISMENTS NEEDED...

Cheers Eddi
What's up with Sony,aren't they bothered about promoting an exceptional act????
Suharbabes were getting mentioned on Sky News even after they were number 1,where is Jamiroquai's promotion??

KFAD made it to number 20! And this gets 27. Something is just not right.

I agree David,the video was played enough on MTV Dance and TMF,let's be honest Craig David is not many people's cup of tea and he was number 4 last week.Who buy's this rubbish?

Please dont dwell too much on chart success. You Think jay and the gang are going to be that bothered? They are travelling (and moving) all over the world doing what they do best, having the time of their lives. As long as Jamiroquai are #1 on our eyes, jay will be King For a Lifetime.

King for a Day is my least favourite Jamiroquai single. I think Sony are just bothering with new acts. Which basically a manufctured groups who can't write their own music and nick other people's. You see advertisment after advertisment with them. Where as for Jamiroquai it's an advert here and an advert a week or so down the road. It's not on.

Yeah I think they would be bothered,if you put out a good product you have pride if it gets recognition,like any artist they want to be recognised in their field as a cut above the rest and Jamiroquai are that!

Well, I posted this one a few days ago- just used copy and paste. It won't be in the top 40 next week, so don't be surprised. Every fan MUST understand this. It's not Jay's fault- the record label screwed up BIG TIME on this. The song had "future hit" written all over it, and WHY the animated video doesn't feature ,I do not know. Considering that it reached the top 5 most played videos, this smacks of incompetence from the "suits". Why is there no full length Steve Mac Mix on cd, but vinyl only? What's the point in CD1 at all? It's also a waste of materials. I'd like to believe that people have gone out to buy the album, because this was one of the songs that would make it more of a success. But with it being at 73 last week, can you see something dramatic happening? Thought not. This is not the first time fans have been cheated, and heads oughta roll for it. It's not people file-sharing, etc. that's "killing the music industry"- it's sheer ineptitude from the people who put these decisions through, and promote real talent badly. Add that to the fact that there some real lazy journalism regarding this band, and you wonder what kind of snakes our favourite bands have to work with. They deserve better, and we, the fans do too.

I still find the choice of single releases from Dynamite rather odd. Sevens Days and the current single are both strong (album ?) tracks but I would have thought Starchild is the cast iron hit on the album and should have been the follow up to Feels Just Like it Should. That would have built the interest in the album which is the way of lot of chart success is achieved (a series of strong singles getting the interest of the more casual listener)

27? i was listening to capital it was number 15 they entered the charts at 25 places from 40 it might just be my misinterpretation but 27 is wrong as far as i know

Interesting, but predictable im afraid. Sony have to take most of the blame, its getting like Michael Jackson was i.e great album, but had to promote it with nothing. I still think that we'll see at least one more single, Black Devil Car i reckon

I'm disappointed too.I bought all 3 vershs to get it high in chart, didn't work though.There is not enough promotion at all-other artists get ads on tv for their albums and singles, never saw any for Jamiroquai for the last 3 singles. This is a great track-it's what Jamiroquai do best, the lyrics are superb, the message it gives and so on. To get to No.27 is out of order. But you can't blame the band nor Jay-he said himself that he didn't like editing the of the track. Maybe now Sony will listen to our demands of more promo, better tracks on the singles....we can only hope for better luck next time round. Though u can't count on the people who buy records today i mean look who was at number one last week, Westlife-something is totally wrong with their music tastes!

I hate to say it,... but im not too suprised. i had guessed it would enter at 23. not far off tho. :(

I never answered the question- By lazy journalism, I meant the people who always make Stevie Wonder references. The same people never actually say anything relevant, but take personal swipes at Jay (I remember one saying "Seven Days In Sunny June was made up while he was in one of his 48 Ferraris"- he doesn't even have as many cars as that or drive all of them, and that kind of remark has nothing to do with the music!). I know Jamiroquai have been in the States, so haven't been around to do as much first hand promotion, but everything is coming from their side, and little/no support from the suits- the record label should take a long look at their books. They will find that our favourite band is 6 albums into an 8 album deal- an outstanding achievement in itself (considering how many people get dropped, wonder how many others signed at the time are still around?), and given a great return on that. It's high time they did more for Jamiroquai as well as the fans. Maybe when the rest of the world gets bored of generic R&B videos and "people with the ZZZ-factor", there might be a chance.

(Don't) Give Hate A Chance is a brilliant tune, and should be up at the top. But I haven't heard it once on any of my radio stations, couldn't find the single in a few shops (but I got it in the end) and when I asked some friends "Do you like the new Jamiroqui song?", they jsut looked at me and said they never even knew there was a new track out. Needs to be more advertised, people just haven't heard it, and because of this, a great tune is way off the charts.

thanks soul educated for answering the question. that is why when i right about them, i put extra love into it. i don't get why everyone concentrates on jay's personal life or past things. who really, really cares about that? the answer: journalist that get paid to write, not journalist who actually care about who they write about. most don't research jamiroquai..or extend their research past a simple google search. sad, but true. but we do what we can do to combat that.

i meant 'write' about them. some journalist i am! :)

JA: the story refers to the chart as broadcast on BBC Radio 1. There is also the Smash Hits Chart (entered at 16) and also the hit40uk chart (entered at 15). I believe these charts take airplay into account, and not just sales.

Thank you David for that information. That's a true chart position. by the way thank you David for setting up this website

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoy the site :)

I'd just like add my two-pennyworth - I posted that I could only find CD1 in my local City yesterday. How does distribution etc work?
I'm sure that Saturday must be the best day for shop sales, and it was all about bloody Madonna, in HMV there were about 8 new releases lined up - no Jamiroquai.
It struck me as odd that I had a hard time getting hold of the single.

Matt, I just read you had the same problem, where in the UK are you?

thanks david for clearing that up...your doing a wicked job on this site keep goin funkin 4 life ;)

The thing is that the promotion was really poor, Jamiroquai don't play the song live, the remixes are not 'wonderful', and one is repeated on the single and the maxi single...

Just for info, according to this article [ ] it looks like the single that was number 24 in the chart sold around 4,000 copies to get that position.

4000 copies. I wonder how much don't give hate a chance got. Less than 4000 is not enough. I hope the promotion for the next single is better.

I agree that good chart positions are welcome but fairly irrelevant and that Starchild would be the most successful single on the album.

The charts have pretty much turned into a marketing competition rather than a musical one, which is the only explanation for the Sugababes' song being number one, when it sounds like something a seven old has knocked up in five minutes on a twenty year old Casio keyboard.

Lets be honest, no one buys singles that much anymore anyway. Sugababes might sell more singles but thats because people admit to liking that one song but wouldn't buy the album (partly to do with taste and cred!). What happened to one off singles? Razorlight released "somewhere else" in that way so it wasn't a tired old release from the album. Jam' need b-sides to entice people back.

I 100% agree with you Bob on what you say about the sugababes and the charts. I hate that Sugababes songs. It's worse than terrible.

Of course Jamiroquai would have to release B-Sides, but now it's only a few mixes...

I`ve said before that Jam need better content in the cd singles nowadays.Releasing remixes is the lazy way, how about keeping back or recording a few tracks exclusively for the single releases, it used to be commonplace not long ago. What happened to a dvd single with the video, making of etc.. Is it any wonder nobody buys singles anymore when this kind of thing happens.

We all must admit we are committed supporters. Doubtless Jamiroquai fans are true stalwarts. We LOVE their music and can't believe they are not up the chart, however we should try to be realistic when looking at the musical scene as a whole: Let`s face it, we-the jamiroquai lovers- are just a minority.

I agree about the B-Sides totally, Jamiroquai used to come up some amazing stuff which either was a release at some point or wasn't material used in albums. Tunes such as: Bullet (Virtual Insanity), Slipin' and Sliding (Cosmic Girl), Stillness in Time (Vinyl Version)(Stillness In Time), Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Canned Heat), Space Clav (Don't know which single, heard it once, know it's amazing!!!) are all awesome and made the singles well worth buying if you'd already bought the album. I think (good) remixes where the remixer has spent time in producing material that works well with the original, or provides contrast whilst maintaining high quality are good, but I still miss how much you used to be able to look forward to hearing fresh material not an an album, but often showed a more funk-driven sound which leant itself to less commercial audiences on the grounds that that stuff was usually reserved for albums, well, later on anyway. Bring back the B-Sides!

I agree with Dr.J. I love the b-sides, the last time we got one was on YGMS 4 years ago, it was on the tape versh of the single. And that was great- almost 8 mins of pure funk (Do it like we used to do). I'm sure there are plenty of songs Jamiroquai have recorded but have never come to light and now's the time they should!

i don't think srachild would make a good single at all.i would prefer some different songs to jamiroquai's usaul style,4 example tallulah, a slower song, or black devil car or hot tequla brown, both more rocky.i have also noticed that jamiroquai's videos are played alot when there out, then drp of totally.I havent seen either SDISJ or FJLIS on normal music channels 4 a long time.also they really need 2 produce beter remix's,the best jamiroquai remix cd i have iz deeper underground disc 2,but the dynamite remix's have all been pure (bar the mark ronson FJLIS remix)

dr.j i think space clav is on half the man single (not the greatest hits version)

keep it funky:)

* poor (bar the e.t.c) sorry!

keep it funky:)

The sales havent been great...we all know that now..yea? But does this not happen to most bands that have been around as long as jamiroquai.?? Or is it because jamiroquai are releasing pridictable music?? Or maybe because jamiroquai sound different to most bands?? Please let me know? :(

4000?!copies!now that is like one willage bought the single,its not enough,we want more!!

Trying to find a way to buy a concert ticket here in Perth Western Australia and heck bad advertising cant find have come up with nothing also ...arrrrgh!!

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