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Added on Saturday 12 November 2005, 14:40 (GMT)

There are a number of photos from Jamiroquai's recent performances in Las Vegas and also Los Angeles at the WENN website.

For some strange reason when I use the Firefox browser (on a PC), I can't see the pictures, but the links work fine in Internet Explorer! 

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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oh no.... jay is supporting a von dutch jacket! oh thats just wrong! i really hope he did not pick it! becoz otherwise im just disgusted!

I think he chose it for the coulour, I asked him to wear something green and he did.

a green von dutch jacket! im ashamed at him... von dutch was a racist who hated blacks, jews and minorities... he was also charged over manslaughter for killing his unborn child while driving drunk!

who cares what jimiroqai wears...he is so cool and such a good singer, that people arn't aware of what he wears!!!

urm... brianna, thats jamiroquai and jamiroquai is a band. I hope you mean to say who cares what JK wears....

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