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Added on Saturday 12 November 2005, 07:31 (GMT)
Here is a summary of the most recent UK chart activity for (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, with figures based on the week prior to the singles UK release - taken from the current issue of Music Week.
  • After spending two weeks at number 4 in the "TV Airplay" chart, the video has now dropped to number 15.
  • On the "MTV Most Played" chart the video moved up two places this week to number 5.
Looking at the single...
  • In the "Radio Growers" chart, the single is shown as having 1360 radio plays and is at number 4, the same as last week.
  • In the "Pre-Release" chart, the single is at number 4, up from number 8 last week.
  • In the "Upfront Club Top 40" chart, after peaking at number 3 last week, the single dropped to number 14. (weekly chart run 18-12-3-14).
  • Looking at plays on BBC Radio 1 between 30 October and 5 November, the single was played 20 times moving the single up one place to number 11.
  • In the "Independent Local Radio" airplay chart, the single moved up five places to be at number 9, based on 1305 plays. (weekly chart run: 19-14-9)
  • In the "UK Radio Airplay Chart" the single is at number 9, up from 15 last week. (weekly chart run: 57-29-15-9)
  • In the "Commercial Pop Top 30" chart, the single is at number 20.  Last week it was at number 8.

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do it quai

I went into Chichester to buy the singles today. First shop, HMV, didn't have it, second store only had the £1.99 disc (MVC).
My Mum was really happy with the present I bought her (DGHAC!)...She said "well, I hope it helps with his sales...". lol.

I went to HMV in Leeds and they had all 3 vershs including vinyl. Plus CD2 was £1.99 like CD1 for some reason?! And yes i did get all 3 (crazy?)!

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