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Added on Friday 11 November 2005, 10:25 (GMT)
Jamiroquai on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jamiroquai performed Seven Days In Sunny June on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on US television on Thursday night, and as the credits rolled the band played Canned Heat.

Following Canned Heat the band played a number of other tracks exclusively for the audience at this outdoor show.  The complete set list was as follows:

  1. Seven Days in Sunny June
  2. Canned Heat
  3. Revolution 1993
  4. Space Cowboy
  5. High Times
  6. Love Foolosophy
  7. Use the Force
  8. Black Capricorn Day
  9. Main Vein/Time Won't Wait

Some screen captures are available on the downloads page and video clips will follow soon.  Keep checking the downloads page for updates.

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Yeah, about fifteen seconds worth of Canned Heat, then off to an ABC "stinger" promo. That ticked me off. They did a good job with Seven Days though. I really liked the stage they played on, it brought the fans closer than what normal late night shows have. Also, I think Jimmy said the full video of Canned Heat would be online at Just something to keep an eye on.

Here's a direct link, though the "Jamiroquai performance is not available" (yet). Keep checking!!!

Yeahhhhh! A short concert for fans! Use the force, Space, BCD and the fabulous transition MVein/TWW... Great to see these tracks on a TV show. I hope someone could give us video of this performance!

Dissapointing! Seven Days again 3 days after Leno. J obviously made a choice to tone down his appearance and moves for tv. WHY? Then we get a 10 second tease of the real J in head gear starting Canned Heat. I'm sure the full concert was great but what aired on the show was boring. It didn't seem like the same band that put on the best concert I've ever seen a month ago.

Quite the performance. I think California air does Jay good. Is that the hint of a tan I see?

i'm happy they got more love on kimmel. he advertised the album a few times, and they have it for sale on the site. i like the fact that his girlfriend (kimmels) was on that show last night too. hopefully more people watched it just for that reason (fans of hers and his i mean). and i'm also excited the fans got a mini-concert. i told people that couldn't get LA tickets to go cause you never know! i had a hard time believing they would set all that up outside for one or two songs. safe journeys to japan boys!

Was hoping they'd do Dynamite, but the performance was a better than on Leno, IMO. Jay looked better too. He looked really tired on Leno. Waiting for Kimmel's website to get it in gear and post the rest of the performance!

The perfomance was better than it was on Leno but that's a shame that they only showed a few seconds of another song which looked more like the live performances I've seen. But its good they're at least getting more US television exposure. Promotion for the last album only had one show performance (and that was Regis and Kelly). I'm happy with whatever they get and hopefully next time it'll be more shows, appearances, meet and greets, etc. since we showed them so much love here in the States.

Yes, definitely better performance than Leno and too bad they showed "Seven Days" again. The crowd was really into it and Kimmel did market their CD several times and there was a link on the show's web site for buying the CD, wooh! This is good news!

OH MY GOD! I met Jay at the bottom of the stairs in the Jimmy Kimmel show. All I could think of saying was "Hi, I'm John Grizzly, your biggest fan from LA!" he said "Oh Really" and I just said "well, have agood show!" .......and the show was awesome, they were really tight, and on it man, I wish they would have played Dynamite too, but still a rockin setlist, and very energetic, as well. It was great to see them at such an intimate performance, only a handful of people,
Great to see Jay dancing a lot, too. Hope they come back in March for another round. C-Ya

J Was great on Jimmie Kimmel. He seemed more relaxed than on J Leno..I saw that he wore the hat for Canned Heat (which we only saw seconds of). I can't help wondering if the Network censors made J. Tone down his appearance and not wear the hat.

Anyway, I'm glad they got exposure on US television and I liked that Jimmie promoted the CD..I hope they get more US exposure.

I also think that the audience being closer to Jay helped him to relax a little more too...He seemed more energetic with this audience than on Leno.
Much Love J! Save trip to Japan. Please, Please, Please come back to the States in March...We Love you Here too.

The televised portion of the Kimmel performence was, in my opinion, much better than the Leno show. I wrote the same thing after the Leno show...break out the hat and the dancing. The TV audience got about 15 seconds of it...better than nothing.

i went to the taping and it was AMAZING! it was such a treat to get a whole mini concert..they played almost an hour and when they did finally have to go, Jay was apologetic. my only complaint is that it was the same set order from the tour and it would have been cool to get 'Alright' or 'Little L' in there, but they weren't in the set order. There were only 100 people there at the absolute most and the crowd was really into it and a bunch of us knew the words 'Seven Days...' and were singing along, showing love.
A great great great way to end their tour.

"I hope they come back in March"

JGRizz, do you know soemthing? I cannot find any info on '06 tour dates...

"Hi, I'm John Grizzly, your biggest fan from LA!" he said "Oh Really" and I just said "well, have a good show!" "

LOL - loved JK's quick wit. Not sure what I would have said If I met him...

Yep. Good perf on Kimmel, not so good on Leno. Jay did look tired there, but we have to cut him and the band some slack. They had had quite a weekend. After 2 shows in SF on Sat and Sund, they drove to LA overnight to get to the TV studio at 10.45 am (Matt told me). This could also be the reason for Matt to wear dark glasses..? if I remember well, Jay doesnt like to sing in the morning; it would explain the so so performance. I love to see him without a hat, more like a human being as opposed to a rock star. Anyway, I am thrilled to hear they gave a mini concert and hope the video will be available on the Kimmel website.

Great show on Jimmy Kimmel! I was hoping to hear TWW, instead of 7DISJ, but I wonder if the US label is trying to push that here since the album is less than two months old here in the US. No matter - Jimmy Kimmel gave Jamiroquai a much better promotional boost and presentation for fans than Jay Leno! Safe travels overseas!

I'm looking forward to welcoming you back in the March/April '06.

Why 7DISJ again?! I was so looking forward to seeing something else. I too wonder if there is pressure from the record company. The performance was great-better than Leno. Loved seeing the headgear in the end-that crowd was very lucky to get a mini concert!!! Wish I was there!! Can't wait to see the Canned Heat performance once the Jimmy Kimmel site gets it on. Please come back in March/April 2006-That would be just awesome!!!!

does any 1 know if theres a way to see the whole list.on video,not just 7 days

Saw the Kimmel performance as well as Leno. Very good. I love 7DISJ. I hope they return to Atlanta. They rocked the house in 1999.

Tee, TWW would have been great. My fave off Dynamite. It was awesome to see them play it in Denver, if March happens they better come back to Denver again, or at least Chicago.

Jimmy Kimmel was unbelievable!!!! I was in the audience and right before the show we were told that Jay would do a set after the taping. I just didn't know he would do such an amazing set--8 more songs?!!! I was on cloud 9!!!!!! We were all screaming and dancing. Jay seemed to be having a really really good time. After about the fourth song, he said that the next song would be the last. . . but then he played a few more!! Wow! I still can't believe how awesome that was. Jay definitely rocked my world two nights in a row!!!!

I was at tbe Jimmy Kimmel performance and it was amazing. Haven't had the chance to see Jamiroquai touring whilst in the states whilst I'm also here traveling. When Kimmel asked if anyone was from the UK before they went 'Live' again I was the only one to shout there was a few others from home!!
I don't like to hear complaints about what the band did that night. They didn't have to play for an hour no matter what order the songs where, other groups that perform on the show barely do 3 songs I was told by a security person. The band gave the fans what they wanted and fair play to them cos I loved it....and we didn't pay to get in!

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