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Added on Thursday 10 November 2005, 11:16 (GMT)

On Wednesday night Jamiroquai performed the final concert of the current North American tour with a show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles.  Here is the set list from the show:

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days in Sunny June
  7. High Times
  8. You Give Me Something
  9. Dynamite
  10. Love Blind
  11. Use the Force
  12. Black Capricorn Day
  13. Love Foolosophy
  14. Main Vein/Time Won't Wait
  15. Alright
  16. Deeper Underground

The band are set to perform on the Jimmy Kimmel Live television show tonight (Thursday) before heading over to Japan for a concert at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo next Tuesday.

Credit: Danny Taylor

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The show was amazing as I worked my way to front row dead center. Jay was really amazed at how the crowd reacted to his songs and sang along to every single one of them. Highlights of the evening were definitely Jay singing SpaceCowboy and everyone drowning him out. Jay came out in a Van Dutch sweater and was fully drenched with sweat by the 5th song!!! The band was tight and they did some songs that they didnt perform in some cities. Black Capricorn day was a surprise! Jay also was cheesing from ear to ear from the amount of support and energy the L.A. crowd had.

yes!! the show was way more than what i expected....he was a great performer and the band was exceptional!!! my favorite songs were cosmic girl and alright....the intro to alright was amazing....the elongated smooth keyboarding and guitar sounds really had a great effect.
im sure i wasnt the only person who saw this, but a couple of girls threw they're underwear on stage. i got a glimpse of one bra and one pair of panties. what's funny is that when the panties came flying on stage, jay just looked at them like they were diseased, but with the bra, he actually took the time to wipe his sweat off with it and give it back to its owner. ha!
ive been crazy about them for about 11 years and now im just plain ol' insane!!! i forgot my camera, so if anyone has any pics of the wiltern show i'd be completely grateful if you'd share!!! thanks.... you can find me on myspace:

^^now....that's comedy about the panties. i really didn't think people did that anymore. ha! ewwww! usa fan - the setlist is basically the same as the other cities, but it's all lovely no matter what they perform. happy you both had a great time.

Us tour is off now! Only one new song in the set list, You Give Me Something, it's not enough! I'm waiting for the Japan Tour for new songs, for example Stillness, If I like It... Japan tour has always a special taste and in my opinion is often the best Tour. Remember Tokyo Dome 99 or Osaka 2002! Cheers

My husband & I were the first ones in line & were front & center for the entire show. No panties were ever thrown on stage. One black bra was thrown on stage which Jay pretended was a headset while he simulated scratching on a turn table just like Las Vegas House of Blues which we also attended. He never wiped his sweat with it or returned it. The show was AMAZING!!!! & the crowd was really hyped!

The show was pretty rad, defnintly one of the best i went to.

I saw Wee-man in the audience! Interesting as he was featured in the FJLIS video. I was hoping to spot Jon Heder or even see him hit the stage on Canned Heat, but no luck there. Definitely a high energy show and crowd, with most people standing (even in the balcony) for the entire show. Having sat in the front third of the balcony, it was funny to see all of the cell phones taking pictures and video of the show. A fan in front of me was taking numerous video clips throughout the show on his phone, but I think he was wasting his time, because I saw the video he was capturing, and I can only imagine how the audio turned out... I was hoping to get one of the jackets that were sold earlier in the tour, but they weren't available. I did score a blue LS T-shirt with fluorescent green stars and the dynamite logo on the front, as well as a keychain. Pretty nice merchandise all in all. Hopefully we will see them again next year as some of the postings from previous shows reported. C Ya

nice merchandise indeed. at the great introductory rate of 5 dollars for a keychain (cool) and $40 (usd) for a tour tee-shirt.

and here i am at work with my dynamite shirt on underneath my shirt and tie. you knwo what, the prices were terrible but more than worth it. now i can gladly flaunt my jamiroquai TOUR tee

I drove from San Diego to see them and it was a great show...however I saw them in Barcelona and Granada and Barcelona rocked it.
There were a lot of pushy people last night too but JK was on fire (as usual) and his backup singers were off the hook!!!!
Great show and his set was fabulous-no excuse to not shake that ass last night!!!!
Love him! And NO there were no panties etc...I was in the fron too.

the show was simply amazing..., same setlist as in San Francisco on saturday, but what a way to end the tour!, I did notice the bra, which Jay pretended to ignore, didn't see the panties either

I was at the Saturday Fillmore show and the LA show last night. Musically, the LA show was way hotter than SF. The band was super tight and wanted to finish the tour on top of their game. I'm not a fan of the LA crowd in general, lots of talkers and drunk anorexic chicks - these are definitely not the "cosmic girls". However, it was awesome and the whole night was super funky. Deeper Underground must be really popular in Europe and that's why they choose it as the encore. To me it seemed weird after seeing a sea of boogieing people all night long to have them staring and not moving for the encore. Virtual Insanity or Starchild would have been the way to go out...

Leeno said: "Deeper Underground must be really popular in Europe and that's why they choose it as the encore."

That's a really interesting observation. The crowd certainly got down to DU as an encore in Boston and NYC (I can't comment on the other US shows as I wasn't there), but yes, in Europe it is a fantastic encore - when you get an arena venue with 15,000+ people jumping up and down it is truly a sight to behold...

i attended the show last night also, at the wiltern it was great seeing them agian after 6 yrs. was right up front, I was surprised that they were on time. usally bands take their time to go on stage(thank god i arrived early).Anyway i think the sound guy was new,because the mix It was good,but you couldent here some things for example of last night, Derricks snare drum,and the keyboard plyers moog sounds(effects). Don't get me wrong it sounded great.Its just the sound guy kept on messing around with the levels all night.. it sounded in on big mesh. The drums you should be able to here each indivual drum clearly(cause thats what u groove to),and the keys also. Jk,kept on going back n forth to the sound board guy through out the show,possibly he was thinkin the same. He kept on waving his hand and pointing to turn up the keys and other stuff,maybe his moniters.

surprised that they only played for about hour and a half,considering they have more albums now,and their trying to tour again in the U.S.after 6 yr.s

I was at last night's show in L.A...we drove up from San Diego...It was an incredible show! Didn't see a bra or panty on the stage but the guy who pushed his sweaty ass in front of me Farted and had smelly breath! But that's okay because there were these two guys that were smoking a joint to the left of me in which I may have received a contact high...anyway, it covered up the fart smell real quick! Jay Kay sung his sexy little ass off! But dang, can you do a costume change before you get too sweaty? The band was dynamic as usual and the back-up singers were sexy and brought the funk on! Shoot, they were so eye catching that they almost turned Jay Kay out! I was hoping that the encore was going to be Starchild too! I hope Jamiroquai comes back to San Diego again so I don't have to drive to L.A. anymore!

Wish I'd been there the play list looks imense. If Space Cowboy's anything like the sessions @ AOL version. Or Comsic Girl anything like the version they did for Chris Moyles show then WOW. They film one of these gigs on tour and release it on DVD.

i got a selist from the l.a. show,i got one from one of the roadies,i was waiting for about 40 min after the show where they were putting the equiom on to the trucks,to see jay,buti couldent wait any loner so i split. the groups car was there but no band.

Two hours of PURE FUNK last night! It was epic! Thanks for the blisters on my feet today! I danced my ass off, loved every minute of it. Good LA crowd too! Surprisingly, people actually danced! Normally I'm the only one! Saw you at Universal Amp. in 99. Soooooo amazing to see you again. Keep comin' back JK!!!

The show was so tight. I've lived in LA for 8 years and I've never seen a crowd so hype. It felt like the balcony at the Wiltern was going to fall down. Jay was on and the band was groovin. Dynamite sounded great with the keyboard breakdown. Once again Jay and co. delivered.

I also drove from San Diego! It was well worth the 3 hour drive in traffic and I'm so glad I left at 3pm to get front and center. This was an amazing performance and I would drive to LA again in a heartbeat to check them out. I've been a huge fan since 1993 and there are so many songs I would love to have heard, but I'm not complaining. Space Cowboy rocked my world I could not have asked for more! I hope it does not take another 6 years to get back to Southern CA!!

Someone should tell Jay that Godzilla was a flop here. Deeper Underground wasn't as big in the US as everywhere. It isn't the best encore, but fits perfectly elsewhere. Starchild all the way!

I am a new fan and was a little disapointed by last night's concert. His lyrics and music are incredible, but it was drowned out by the bass being cranked up so loud. I love his music, but next time I think I will enjoy it in my car while I am stuck on the LA freeways where at least I can make out the words to the songs. My German boyfriend was ecstatic about "Underground", but I thought it was a poor choice considering it is not well known in the US. It would have been nice to sing along to a song we all knew.

We're we at the same LA show? Maybe it was because my seats were in the nose bleeds but i was a disappointed with the fact that there were no horns and Jay seemed a little unenergized about the whole thing. Going off and on the stage throughout and hanging in the back near the drums too much. Considering we have waited so long to see him back in LA, I was less than impressed. NOt to mention he didn't sing Virtual Insanity which was I believe his biggest song to date. For $45 dollars and 6 years I would have expected more.
I still love Jamiroquai but I may have second thougths about seeing him live again...

i saw Jamiroquai at the Greek Theater show in 99 and this one rocked my ass! I loved that there was no opener, it just made the audience that much more hyped. The crowd was a little 'too LA' for my taste, and i'm born and raised! i loved the setlist, but i totally agree about Deeper Underground, as soon as i saw the green lights, i thought, 'oh man, it's the Godzilla song'. I LOVED the handclaps during 'Little L', i got a great GREAT phone video clip of it and will gladly send it to anyone who wants it.
[email protected]

I sat first row balcony and thought we were coming down any minute - the shaking was intense - what a show! I saw the (black) bra and (cream colored) panties very clearly. I was also disappointed in DU as an encore - DGHAC woulda been better...imo. Still one of the best shows I have ever seen - and that is saying alot...Please, please come back to LA!

Great concert!!! I confirm the black bra and cream panties ;-) Also confirm the DJ impersonation using the black bra for those so concerned. I agree that DU was a bad choice for encore particularly since it seemed that half the crows was listening to Jamiroquai for the first time. Personally I expected Virtual Insanity which was a big hit in the US and a popular video on MTV. Either way seeing Jamiroquai libe is an experience. By far one of the best live bands around. Some may have been dissappointed comparing it to the European shows but the energy (if any) in LA is different. For those that want a taste try to get a copy of the Live in Verona DVD (you will need a PAL DVD player or watch it on your PC) available on Amazon UK.

Cheers to all the Jamiroquai fans in LA

i love the band, and jay kay no doubt! but yeah, only one person seems to have mentioned his energy. didn't anyone notice that he really didn't look well? running off the stage so often, and looking almost like he was going to collapse. also, his voice was totally lost on some of the highest notes. he's a wonderful performer, and the band gives us what we are looking for- dancing, tight sound, class act presentation, good vibes all around. i had a super time, but i did feel like he was exhausted and barely able to keep it together at times! but - foxy as hell.

Did anyone see that Jay Kay look-a-like...he was kind of makes me sad that Jamiroquai is not coming to San Diego...we love you Jay Kay! I wish they could have sang Starchild...I was looking forward to that song so bad! I agree, Jamiroquai is an awesome band to see play live!

wow i was amazed by the positive first jamiroquai show and certaintly not the last.. Deeper Underground was good to me but to others it was sort of new???hopefully when they come back in spring we can hear Stillness in time,where do we go from here and some rare songs!!!! anyone intersted in getting to know a kool funkster hit mt up at myspace= [email protected]

That was the best concert ever! Should have ended it with StarChild.

The setlist was choice. It's about time they put out a setlist with no covers. Just another SD fan who's sad they didn't make the trip to the 4th and B. Tell me you didn't like the keyboards in Alright. Jay was totally down with the audience on the chorus to that song. Hope it doesn't take 6 more years till they come back....SDTodd.
PS: Revolution....holy crap they did Revolution, that was sooo slammin'!!!

Lots of ungracious commentary going on here, what's the deal? I enjoyed the whole show, Deeper Underground included. Jay said in an interview that they used that as the encore (referring to a previous night's performance) because of the state of world affairs attributed to the leadership of G.W. Bush. I don't think he probably cares too much that it doesn't leave American audiences on a peak high at the end of the concert. Anyway, all of you who posted here should have been reading the setlists and known what to expect.

JK and crew- you guys rocked it and I for one got my money's worth and a whole lot more. No complaints here!!! Thanks for a great time.

BTW, I'm loving the comments and sensible discussion here. Keep it up. Thanks.

Deeper Underground was performed as the encore, back during the 1998 tour, at the time it was wicked, and I remember that the LA crowd loved it. It's a hella powerful song to go out with...but I agree, they should have kept the crowd boogieing (or smokin up)

I was front and center in the pit as well - my wife had the pink fuzzy hat on! Yes, there were a pair of yellow panties thrown on stage - barely - just to the left of center stage. The backup singers couldn't believe it. The description of using the black bra like a headset is accurate. The Show was absolutely off the hook! I drove down from Bakersfield and I'm proud that the LA audience showed so much love for the band. I was a bit worried at first, with the balcony looking empty just before the show - but by the end of the first song it was packed with standing, screaming fans. Jay and band really got off on the positive energy of the audience. The sound guy was fighting the balance all night, especially with Matt's keyboards, and Jay wasn't too happy about it. Jay Kay was on fire, the band was unbelievably tight, the backup singers were fantastic, the set list rocked, the venue (Wiltern LG) was gorgeous and the crowd had that space cowboy vibe going all night.


Jay, Derrike, Sola, Rob, Matt, Paul, Hazel, Sam and Lorraine - Thanks for a evening of magic!

And thanks to all of you who were there to share it with us!

eventhough I was not at the L.A. concert, the could have played starchild as the encore, it s a very nice song, I love it!

There's a pretty good review of the show at

By Gary Jackson

Bottom line: Dance, funk and soul rock the Wiltern.
The Wiltern LG, Los Angeles
Wednesday, Nov. 9

The British band Jamiroquai is a solid staple on worldwide charts and airwaves but remains an enigma to the U.S. at large. Led by Jason Kay, Jamiroquai is a sparkling amalgam of influences ranging from Chic to Culture Club, Simply Red and, yes, the Time. And throw in vocal similarities to Wham-era George Michael.

With the U.S. obsession with hip-hop, rap and alternative music, one might think that Jamiroquai would find considerable obstacles to penetrating the musical psyche of American youth. But that was not at all in evidence Wednesday at the sold-out Wiltern LG as Kay, bedecked in symbolic Iroquois headgear (hence the origin of the band's name), launched into "Canned Heat." The song, made popular via its strategic play in the 2004 cult movie "Napoleon Dynamite," proved to be the perfect flash point that created a raging nightlong bonfire for Jamiroquai's worshipful audience.

Jamiroquai's music is eminently danceable. And while the lyrics are not challenging by any means -- mostly about love, relationships and touchy-feely gospel chants -- there is no denying the infectious qualities of the songs played this evening. "Space Cowboy," "Revolution 1993," "Love Foolosophy" and "Black Capricorn Day" ran the gamut of styles from tight, synchronized funk to the heaviest metal this side of Metallica.

The thread that held the band together was Kay, who danced and leaped across the stage in a frenzy that kept the audience mesmerized throughout the nearly two-hour set. However, the band proved that it could hang with Kay. Midway through the ultra-extended jam "Traveling Without Moving," Kay, his long-sleeved green shirt drenched with sweat, exited to change into a fresh top, and the band held the audience captive with a jazzy yet accessible foray.

Los Angeles was the last stop in the North American leg of Jamiroquai's tour in support of its latest album, "Dynamite," a richly crafted opus that follows along the same lines as the band's previous five releases. "Feels Just Like It Should," "Seven Days in June," and the title song reveal a growing exploration of emotions in various relational settings.

To these ears, all that's needed to push Jamiroquai further into America's conscience is, perhaps, that one tune that reflects an element surprisingly missing from the group's formidable repertoire: hip-hop. But Jamiroquai needn't worry; the mountain will move. It's simply a matter of time.


Hi guys, my name it´s monica and I am spanish. I was at your show at MEN in Manchester in 2001, and I am looking forward to see you agaan as i have been travelling around for a while and I didn´t have a chance. I loved it, I think you are the best band I have heard till now, even when I am more into rock,emo,indy or brit pop. I think you have got bits of many stiles and use them in the best way. I don´t know if my opinion it´s gonna be important for you but I thought y must told you as you have been so present in my life for me because I love music.
Just that, hope one day I am a great photographer and I can take pictures of you, I will remember these day.
thake care.
monica [email protected]

My dear American sisters and brothers in music! Godzilla was in Europe a flopp as well as in the US. But "Deeper Underground" is a really fantastic encore-titel, believe me! I cant understand that you have discussions like this whether there was a bra or panties on the stage or not! Just have fun! Cause thats what you came for, right?

Thank you Peter! My thoughts exactly!

The reason why Jay Kay was going back and forth backstage was because he was sweating his ass off from all the dancing!!!! He changed his Jacket to the black one and he had to change his pants as well. He was also arguing with the sound guy because he couldnt hear the levels in the monitors. If you were in the bleed seats try and get to the show early and wait for the front row. I too drove from San Diego and I met some good people. One in specific was next to me who flew all the way from CHILE to catch the show.

I've been a fan all these years and this was my first concert, what a great show! Personally I LOVE Deeper Underground, Godzilla or not, and I loved hearing it live. I was kind glad they didn't do Virtual Insanity as that song is so played out and I'm sure they're sick of it. If anyone here has checked out, it's this cool site where you can keep charts of the music you play. I noticed for Jamiroquai the most listened to songs seemed to match the set list for the show, even though they're not necessarily the top singles.

yo...reading these comments...what are ya cryin about...ooh"why did they play deeper undergground...blahblablah"...I'm sorry but really,ya cant just appreciate it for what it is,ha?I went to the concert in Atlantic City...and it was so funkin amazing...I thought it was a great thing to play deeper underground as a encore...cuz it leaves you mesmerized at the end...when they played that song they tunrned the bass up so high,and everything else too,that it just took you to a spiritual/next level, all u could feel was the music in you...and that is THE way to go out. I went with a friend and she told me that that song was never big over here (I was born here but grew up in GErmany)...and I was so suprised, and shocked, but I think its good to play something that alot of Fans dont know about,you learn somethin new,it brings you closer. Plus jamiroquai has many songs, and that song is important too, it is part of them, just like canned heat or alright!..if you rarely hear it, aspeacialy appreciate it when you get to here it LIVE...!!!!!!

peace and luv


Good Post and I agree 100 percent!

Does anybody know if Jamiroquai is coming back to the states? I saw the LA concert and it was incredible. R

bro i was not in the bleed seats

dear moncia,this isnt a offical jamiroquai site.this is a fan site.

hey Dave Rowe that article on the hollywood reporter,he messed up,they never played traveling without moving.

i know what you mean jaco,but i think because u were in the nose bleeds those seats suck u cant feel the vibe as much,i was was in the pit front row it was awsome dam u paid 45, i paid 35 only.

Hi I was right behind the married couple in front at the show and had a wonderful time. I got to meet the band before the show and met some new great fans. I got some great pictures and will be emailing them soon!!! Wonderful show probably one of my best top ten shows ever!!!!

Oh Jay Kay...You make me love you, love you, baby...with a LITTLE L! You and your band were dynamic! BRAVO!!!It was well worth the drive from San Diego...If I weren't married, I would have thrown my bra up on that stage too! WHEH!!!!!!!!

where and how did u meet the band

thanks alot FAn SAn DAwg....

Man, I can't believe it. I go out of town to Las Vegas for a business trip and come here and find out that Jamiroquai is in my neck of the woods = Los Angeles. I really missed out. I would've defiitely been t that concert.

I don't understand why a REAL Jamiroquai fan would prefer to hear Virtual Insanity over Deeper Underground. I was at the 99' Greek show and that was my first introduction to Deeper Underground. Man, that song banged soo much I went out and bought the sorry Godzilla soundtrack just for that song. For those that don't know the complete Jamiroquai catalog, if you open you mind, heart and ears to different songs, you may discover something really special as I did.

As for the Wiltern, I had purchased so called "floor seats" only to find they were not letting anyone else down there. I was so pissed. The venue is soo flat it was really, really hard to get a spot where you could see Jay and the band not to mention there's always that wonderful 6 foot something person(s) that decides to step right in front of you and steal the precious 6" horizontal view you've been hording all night. I spent the first 1/2 hr. moving from side to side just to find some kind of space where I could sorta' see Jay and the band. Even though I didn't get to see much of it, Revolution BANGED. So did High Times. The L.A. crowd was kinda wack. Full of drunk hoochies and raver type burnouts. I would have much preferred to see them at the Greek again or at Gibson/Universal Amphithetre which I believe they could have easily filled.

Jay was the bomb though. His voice was a pure as the CD, wish he would have danced more, not that I could have seen it.
Jam fan since '93

The Wiltern was absolutely a m a z i n g. I had been waiting almost ten years to see Jay and gang in concert, and it was more than worth the wait!!! I was lucky enough to go to the Jimmy Kimmel show the next day too: Two days in a row of singing "Return of the Space Cowboy" with Jay!!! My mind was blown (no pun intended). Loved the concerts! Love the new album! Love you, Jay!!!!!!!! Thanks for coming to LA! Come back soon :)

Went to the L.A. show, best concert I ever attended! 6 years is waaaaaaaay too long to wait for them. I told my friends about them and now they all wanna check them out! Is it true they're coming back in the spring? Please let it be true!!!

Jamiroquai was awesome! The sound quality wasn't so good though. I couldn't hear JK's vocals clearly because the sound system seemed distorted or out of tune. There was almost a fight near where I was. Security came and almost threw this guy out. Didn't see the bra or panties.

agree the sound sucked.

also jay is lsing his voice aint that good anymore

oh yeah? how's your voice? don't remember what record it was i heard you on last...


Deeper Underground was included on an australian 2 disc set of A Funk Odyssey. Disc 2 also had remixes of SC, Supersonic, LL and
YGMS. The song rocks! It's hard driving funk and the perfect encore.
I would not have wanted to hear VI instead. Underground was well recieved at the toronto show. I heard one guy bitching on the way out that it was a let down but he obviously didn't know the song.

Hey Gia...did you get a chance to meet Jay Kay? If I was close enough, I would have thrown my bra up there too! I Love Jay Kay too!!! He has such a sexy voice!

Yes I did meet him and took photos with him

Post your photos so we can all see them

How can I do that?

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