I'm the only guy who comes to America and doesn't get paid...

Added on Tuesday 01 November 2005, 09:10 (UTC)

Between the first and second concerts in New York City last week, whilst a storm was battering the east coast of the US (and I was out sight-seeing!), Jay did a number of interviews to the press to help promote the current tour.  A few have been linked to from this site already and another such story has appeared today in the Rocky Mountain News to promote Tuesday's concert in Denver.  Part of the article reads:

Kay hopes Dynamite, the band's sixth album and another blast of old-school funk and soul, gives Jamiroquai the same high profile here that it enjoys around the world. Outside the states, the band sells out huge arenas; here it's playing smaller halls, including the Fillmore Auditorium tonight, as part of its first U.S. tour in years.

Downsizing to venues like the Fillmore isn't a problem for Kay, who says he doesn't mind losing a bit of cash to try again to crack America.

"We have some great state-of- the-art (video) screens that we obviously can't bring. As it is, this leg of the American tour has lost 50 grand. I'm the only guy who comes to America and doesn't get paid," he jokes.

"Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love it. It's like going back 10 years. Yesterday I did New York and it was like I never was away. I like the small venues. They're easier to communicate with the crowd."

The full interview can be read at the Rocky Mountain News website. 

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