(Don't) Give Hate A Chance updated video

Added on Monday 31 October 2005, 21:44 (UTC)

The promotional video for (Don't) Give Hate A Chance has recently been updated and UK music television channels are now showing this instead of the original version.  The new version of the video can be seen at the website, and have printed some information about how the video was created.

"The video is a mix of simple monochrome 2D line drawn backgrounds with more sophisticated and multicoloured 3D characters. It features an animated version of Jay Kay himself, naturally, complete with suitably outrageous trademark hat, trying to intervene to prevent discrimination between a variety of multi-coloured characters. His reward for this sterling work is all manner of injuries from laser's, tanks and bombs. We then get a series of politically charged vignettes showing further variations on the theme of hate and violence."

The music videos section of has now been updated with complete "filmstrips" of both versions of the video. 

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where can we (people in mexico and latin america) can check a high quality version of this video?
The official webpage doesn´t provide a decent rate here (and I have tried from my universitys t1.

Is there a torrent that we can use to get it??


this second version is the version for the tv?
i ask that beoz the single is in argentina but i dont see the video yet

sorry, i try to say becoz...

WTF that sucks, why was the flashing colour backround removed, that was the best bit :0(

much better ending!!!!

Now the Explanation of the bit "Funkstar" questioned in the original comment box of the original video. he turns black after he gets struck by lightning.

kepp it funky:)

I like this versh too, but prefer the first cos of the funky flashing colours like Funkstar said. But in terms of understanding the message it conveys, its better as its easier to understand.

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