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Added on Monday 31 October 2005, 18:01 (GMT)

An interview with Jay was published in the Sunday Observer newspaper (UK) on Sunday (30 October).  It isn't really an interview, it is more of an article which Jay wrote talking about himself.

"There are vastly exaggerated reports of my wealth. Did I really spend 75 grand in Harvey Nichols? No, I would never spend 75 grand on anything unless it was metal, had four wheels and was built before 1970."

"I think I'd be a great dad. I've been through enough shit myself to know what being a good dad is. I didn't meet my dad until I was 28, and I saw him the other week because he came to one of the shows in Bologna. I'm more concerned about my own life now, to be honest. It's very difficult to rekindle a relationship. You can't reclaim lost years."

The full article can be read at the Observer website.

Credit: Neil C.

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i don´t think this was wrote by jay maybe is some lunatic pretending he is jay but in this moment jamiroquai is on tour and all the bands members are so busy to do something like this and specialy jay the frontman. I´m really not sure about this article let´s see

Hi, this is an "official" article and Sony BMG have known about it's inclusion in the newspaper for some weeks now. This was probably written many weeks ago and saved for nearer the release of the single.

How random is Jay's comment about buying a second hand car?! All good though!

great read. liked the part about the polar bears (laugh).
i also think he is a reasonable decent bloke.
good work jay

i am sorry david but with all those crazy guys out there obsessive with jay and selling something in the magazines and the tabloides is just hard to know what is true and what is not. I just thought it was wrote by some stupid journallist that don´t even know a thing about the band.

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