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Added on Monday 31 October 2005, 14:09 (GMT)

An article and interview to help promote Tuesday's concert in Denver has appeared in the Denver Post.  Part of the article reads:

"In all honesty, we are a better band live than we are on the record... When we've been out on the road and we've expanded on what's on the record and gotten to play the songs around 20, 30, 40 times, we think of different ways of doing things and loosen up," he said. "We just sound better ... much more exciting."

Talking about plans for after the tour (whenever that may be!), the article writes:

After this tour, Kay said he's ready to do more cooking, as he did with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on the Food Network show "The Naked Chef," ready to go for more walks with German sheperds, Luger and Titan, and ready to have a couple of "mini-Jays." "I'm quite a simple guy in the end," he said.

The full article and interview can be read at the Denver Post website. 

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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cool of denver to actually participate in the promotion of the concert.

Not just any Denver newspaper either. The Denver Post is their big main newspaper. Like a NY Times or Washington Post or Chicago Tribune. So it's good to see their main paper giving Jamiroquai some love. Hope the concert sold or sells out at the last minute because there were still tix available before this past weekend.

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