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Added on Monday 31 October 2005, 06:50 (GMT)

Here is the set list from the concert held at the Congress Theater in Chicago, USA on Sunday night:

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days In Sunny June
  7. High Times
  8. Dynamite
  9. You Give Me Something
  10. Use The Force
  11. Black Capricorn Day
  12. Love Foolosophy
  13. Main Vein/Time Won't Wait
  14. Alright
  15. Deeper Underground

On Tuesday night Jamiroquai perform at the Fillmore in Denver. 

Credit: Deesha Dyer, Ben

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i`m very sad that they didn`t play my favorite song (you give me something) back in september in europe ;-( i hope it`ll be part of the setlist when they come back! you americans can be very lucky!

I just got back from the concert a while ago.....It was amazing! I'd never been to a Jamiroquai concert before....but this was just amazing! The lighting was awesome, it was perfectly in sync with the music! The sound was very top notch too! The mood was great, everyone was up and dancing and I really thought the song list was great and had lots of variety too. Jay Kay was doing his usual cool dance moves and seemed to be in a good mood all around, it was great! I'm definitely coming back to Chicago for the next concert in March/April.

Well....I'm the biggest Jamiroquai fan in Chicago and I cried when I wasn't able to go because I got a reakky bad cold.....however I will definitely be there in spring 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hot is Jay Kay?


What an awesome awesome awesome show!!!! So much talent on the stage, they had me dancing my ass off!!!
We stayed outside and got his autogrpah and pictures then we went to the bar with them and hung out till the wee hours of the morning!!!!!

I was forunate to catch Jamiroquai at the Riv. the last time they were in town for Synkronized, and I was certainly no less fortunate last night. Great vibe and diversity in the crowd. An excellent show! My only dissapointment was a shortened set list. Can we sacrifice some of the jam extensions to songs to include more jams, Don't Give Hate?

What is the scoop on next spring's tour?

well....let me say this..i hope they restore that building. it's gorgeous and huge (which contributed to the nice echo during 'alright'), but there was stuff falling down on derek when they were playing! i don't know if he noticed it, but i did. the crowd was very different too..and the sound...poor jay, every song he had to fix something or tell the techs to fix something. chicago ended my jamiroquai mini-tour. it was good..oh so good. enjoy the rest of the dates and see you all in march!

It has been a quite a long time since the last show in Chicago (Riviera), but the wait was over and what a show! It was totally high-energy and positive vibes. The band was up and so was the crowd. Excellent setlist and I definitely liked the venue. Great show, great crowd, and a great time! Will definitely be back for the 2006 tour.

Yeah Deesha, a real fan !!! Your concern for Derricks safety, sounds like the scenario 'Would you take a falling piece of plaster from the rafters for Matt ???' LOL, Glad you had a good time Deesha. All good things must come to an end, sadly - join the Recovery Group of Jamiroquai Post Gig Trauma victims !!!

loved loved loved the show, it was a milestone for me as a fan of so many years. i still cant beleive they guys were right there in front of me

I'll agree with Deesha. The show was still very good, but at points during the night I saw JK, Rob and Sola pointing towards their earpiece and shaking their heads like they couldn't hear anything or there were technical problems. They fought through the probhlems very well though, and still put on a pretty good show. My Jamiroquai tour ended last night too. I did both NY shows, and Chicago. Now as the song goes, "Back to life, Back to reality". Peace y'all!

Rocked the house Sunday night in Chicago. They played better than ever. Thanks JK for playing Space Cowboy. The whole band played great, but I want give Paul his props.

As hard is may be to pinpoint particular people at last night's concert, I was the Filipino kid in the black jacket and jeans, talkin' about how this was my FIRST concert ever!! No seriously, it was, and I wanted it to be that way! =)

All I gotta say is that the crowd was absolutely electric. To be honest, I really didn't expect the energy since Jamiroquai hadn't been in the states since '01, but I was sorely mistaken. Then again, a lot of people came from out-of-state, so maybe there aren't as many Chi-town Jammerz as there should be. At any rate, I was in line getting another drink, and the moment I heard 'Canned Heat', I ran inside, and it was well worth it: to see the crowd receiving Jay as they did. I noticed a lack of energy specifically during 'Dynamite,' but after 'You Give Me Something' it seemed like people were revitalized. But I'd say perhaps the strongest reception next to the opening songs (Canned Heat, Space Cowboy*, Cosmic Girl) was 'Use The Force', one of my all-time favorites. WOW...the only other song that rivaled 'Use The Force' was 'Alright'. Now before I go on, and I know people will hate me for this, but I was really NOT a fan of this song. But after last night's show, I kind of understand why they been playing it at the end of the set, or live for that matter: it's a TOTAL crowd-pleaser! It changed my whole view on that song, and I've come to respect it very highly now. And finally, feeling the ground under me move as it did from all the energetic fans stomping 'n screaming for the encore..can't say I've ever experienced that before...and it made me feel like we DESERVED to hear 'Deeper Underground'. =D

I suppose my only real gripe is that they played 'Dynamite' instead of '(Don't) Give Hate A Chance, but that was just a really personal "hope" of mine, hehe. And perhaps it should've been longer, but it was still an awesome first concert overall, and the dancing and lighting was excellent. I'll be sure to see them again in March. ^_^v

I went to the concert on Sunday night as well.. it was absolutely amazing! We were so close, it was such a great show! I've never seen him perform live before and what a treat. I will definately be looking forward to the next Chicago tour date. My only disappointment was that he didn't end with Virtual Insanity! I was expecting it then they played Underground... good song but... anyway... maybe next time:) see ya at the next show

I was fortunate enough to be in Chicago, by chance, on business on Sunday night. I work in the music business and see literally 3-4 shows a week, and I have to say this was the best show I've seen all year. Hands down!

There are so many variables that go into a great show, and all were in firing on all cylinders on Sunday night. The band hadn't been in Chicago for ages so folks were primed to see them, the band were unbelievably tight and energized, and the crowd was amazing (it didn't hurt that it was the night before Halloween and so many folks were in costume and ready to party). Just a great, great show! Can't wait for the LA show next Wednesday...

One of the best shows I’ve seen in years! The performance was absolutely mesmerizing! I've never seen a crowd so connected to a band - I don't think a single person sat down the entire time. Well worth the six-hour drive. PLEASE come back to the states soon!

My first time ever at a jamiroquai concert and it is simply the greatest experience of my entire life!!! Im very happy that the group were so in the mood and the crowd was even more!!! Hope to see them in Mexico soon, and I will be sure not to forget the Headress I wore to this concert on the very first row again!!!

This was my 3rd time seeing them in concert. The 1st time was in Sunrise, FL back in 2000 or 2001, I can't remember. But Jay actually pulled me and my husband up on stage and I got to dance with him. Got to go backstage and meet the entire band and he autographed all my CD inserts. That was the best concert ever to date!!! While I didn't get to dance with him again, I'm so glad I flew in from Dallas. It was well worth the trip. My husband couldn't make the trip this time, so I had to call him right after the show to rub it in. ;-)

I was hoping they'd play some old skool tunes and was not disappointed in the least. I wasn't even expecting Revolution. That totally blew my mind! I flew in from Florida the last time when they played at the Riviera, but it was so crowded, hot and loud, I didn't get to enjoy as much as I wanted.

Hope I get to dance with him one more time.


I take that back. The first concert was Oct 1997. Had to pull out my ticket stub. Damn, I'm getting old. ;-)

Jose--saw you with the headress...I was jealous. Needless to say...the show was ELECTRIC..and.Jay was the conduit. This was my first Jamiroquai concert (missed him in '98), and all that I imagined came to life and then 100% more!! I was thinking to myself..this band is in the freakin zone. Damn... It got to a point that I had to stop dancin 'cause I was missing Jay's moves onstage. I was in a dance trance. I'll just go ahead and copy what everyone else is sayin...'cause it's true!! The crowd conveyed in action and song that Jamiroquai been gone too damn long. Talk about a Groove Thang! I'm still feelin it! I'm sad that my daughter got sick towards the end (lactose intolerant people should not indulge in milk product prior to a special event) She sat in the back while I stayed up front. Anyhow, we missed out on staying after the show to meet Jay and the band and get their autographs (boo effen hoo)
I'll be back in when they return next year!!

Why you didn't play "Feels just like it should"? It's one of the best song!!

Just got back in today. great freakin show in chicago. nobody was sitting through the entire show. so much energy and diversity in the crowd. think i heard about 5-6 different languages but only one that mattered and brought us together which was jamiroquai. hopefully dallas is a possible venue, since that is the closest he might consider in the south to where im at. if anyone has a pic or two please send it to [email protected] for it will be greatly appreciated. thanks to everyone for the great concert.

The show was awesome,Jay and the group have this kinetic energy. I was dancing like a person who can really dance(even though I can't). The venue is beautiful despite the need for restoration as someone else pointed out. As tight as the group was the sound techs had some feedback problems. I would have liked to hear Mr.Moon, or Star Child, no biggie though it was an amazing first time experience, I will definately make the return trip in 06. My biggest dissapointment was my failure to get the e-mail address, of the young woman in the tye dye.
David R Hustisford Wi.

What bar were they hanggn out at... i missed it. was my first ever live concert and it was the BEST. I will be definitely going agian. . I was head over heels when i watched him get the crowd goin.

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