Dynamite UK chart position

Added on Sunday 30 October 2005, 19:43 (GMT)
Dynamite has not performed very well in the UK album charts over recent weeks although today (Sunday) it has moved up 21 places to be at number 75.  This is most probably related to the excellent airplay that (Don't) Give Hate A Chance is getting on radio and television.

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Not enough advertising at all. I only ever saw 2 adverts and 1 poster. Look at other bands, they smother TV and newspapers with advertising and do great.

Dynamite is an amazing album and completely deserves to do great.

i agree,but i saw loads when the album 1st came out,on music channels and espically Chnl 4./E4.

Anyway,on a different note,its sold 250,000 with ease,we alredy own it and know how great it is,and what do's it reaching numer one achive,all it really do's is fund jay's next ferrari!

keep it funky:)

This album, like all the rest, but especially this album, will stand the test of time! What appears to 'do well' is cheaply made and lasts as good as a candy bar; quick fix!
What's in Jays head is long term quality...

T least you guys get airplay... here in America we don't get anything. No Posters, no airplay, commercials or videaos. The last commercial I saw for Jamiroquai was for the relase of synkronized!!

Yeahh really!... Here hapends the same thing! in Mexico...
I haven't see any comercial about Dynamite!!!!!!!!!
So any way.......
I love the album!

I just saw several wallpaper posters on different lot fences in downtown L.A. this weekend! I was so surprised. Maybe the local promoters put them up with the 11/9 show coming up? But they were "Dynamite" posters promoting the record, not the concert, so...
I also saw Jon Heder plug the new record in the Rolling Stone Hot issue.
I agree, the US promos are very sparse. That's where we as fans have a role to play. Refer-a-quai.

it doen's matter, Jay and the band are doing great in touring and the audiences did feedback! Jay is very diligent this time, right!? I love him to death really especially when I see him singing so hard in each show! you're just too good, guys!

This is Angelo in Boulder ( Denver area ), and I am proud to say that Jamiroquai here is almost completely a grass-roots effort. Whenever anything jamiroquai is presented, be that even a bumper sticker on a car, I am mad stoked and I know that my fellow Jamiroquai friends are as well. We are raw and passionate and that far transcends anything that the billboards can offer JK or us. So, if you hear this, give me a shot out over this board or on my cell phone at 303.949.5577. I would love to hear from my fellow other Jamiroquai fans, god knows I love you one and all!

The chart position doesn't matter for me! The album is good and that's all I want. Let all the others "artist" be on top of charts, they won't be here for a long time :). Was ROTSC on top of charts? No and It's the best album of the 90's and the best Jamiroquai's album! Synkronized is definitely better than AFO but AFO is a better commercial success! It's a crazy world we're livin'in! Jamiroquai is not a marketing group, they play music in order to stay in Music history like Michael Jackson, Prince, EWF or Led Zeppelin, not to sell a lot of records and collect EASILY a lot of Money! That's all I can say! Cheers eveybody

I think the problem is, that this is Jamiroquai's 6th album, and sadly people don't pay enough attention to it anymore. People got bored of Jamiroquai, and the great retro 60's-70's movement is not as strong as it was in the nineties. Also The band has changed around a lot over the past 13 years. But still i think the biggest mistake they made was that there were 4 years of silence between dynamite and "a funk odyssey". But at least that silence resulted in a brilliant record.

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