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Added on Sunday 30 October 2005, 18:51 (UTC)
Jay's home cinema

The Mail On Sunday newspaper (UK) today (Sunday) printed a two page article about Jay's home cinema setup in their "Night And Day Live" magazine.  In the article Jay says that he sometimes heads to Blockbuster to pick up movies rather than go out partying:

"I've had complaints from the record company saying that I've not been seen out enough lately.  I'm quite a solitary figure, and now this place has started to come together I'm using it for social occasions.  My record company would love it if I had a scrap with a photographer, but I can't be bothered any more.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good party, but I'd rather have one round here."

Earlier this year Jay's new home cinema was featured in a press release by JVC, the suppliers of his video projector. 

Credit: Cosmic Steph, Janice Parsons

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