Brazil tour confirmed - but no dates announced

Added on Thursday 27 October 2005, 13:22 (BST)

It has been announced that Jamiroquai will visit Brazil in March 2006.  Actual dates or venues have not yet been confirmed but this is all matching up with previous stories about other South American tour dates for next year.

Credit: Newton Costa, Talita Barjas Baleche

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" We´ve been waiting for so looooong"

Enjoy brazil, The funk is coming in your country!

I am very happy and lively in enjoy!!!! I expect there is a long time, therefore I became myself fan barely 3 years...!!!!

Welcome back Jamiroquai!!!

We've been waiting for so long!!

if they visit Brazil thay have to visit Argentina!!! :D

I'll just believe this when I see the man and (one of) his hats on stage, cause this is so unbelivable and sooooooooooooo GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I'd never see them again!!!!!!!!

I´m expecting that they come to Uruguay. They only do one concert here, on 1999. Sorry my english ;)

theres the love brazil

please dont forget Argentina

what luky are the brazilians!! we are waiting jamiroquai to go to argentina.. the day when they would come we will died...but please jamiroquai got to come to argentina!

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