New York set list (Tuesday)

Added on Wednesday 26 October 2005, 07:33 (BST)

Jamiroquai have only a few hours ago finished performing their second sell-out concert at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square, New York City.  The venue was filled to capacity and the set list was as follows:

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days In Sunny June
  7. High Times
  8. Dynamite
  9. You Give Me Something
  10. Love Blind
  11. Use The Force
  12. Black Capricorn Day
  13. Love Foolosophy
  14. Main Vein/Time Won't Wait
  15. (Don't) Give Hate A Chance
  16. Alright
  17. Deeper Underground

The band are now heading to Canada where they perform in Montreal on Thursday night, and whilst I'm on the subject, if anyone can send me a set list after the gig, that would be great.

Towards the end of the concert Jay announced that the band will probably be back touring in the US in March 2006.

My wife and I are now heading back to the UK after a fantastic trip to the US.  We have had a great time and it has been awesome to catch up with old friends and meet up with new ones - it's always amazing when half the front row of a concert knows who I am!  Thanks.

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Thanks David for the work! That's the setlist I love! Old and new songs, different version. It's great to see that "all" the Dynamite tour are different. I can't wait to hear the Japanese Dynamite Tour...

Hey.. this is a real good setlist!! I wish I could have been there!! :-)
Well, but I'm looking forward to the tour in 2006!!

I love you Jay!

what a good setlist inc You Give Me Something! one of my fav songs! looking forward to the tour in 2006!!!

i'm looking for a girl from the Tues show that wore a wool, trucker type hat, she had long blonde hair and was taking a ton of pictures & some video. center stage, close to the front but not all the way up. If this is you I would be very grateful for a few photos or video. I forgot my camera this evening and I'm a bit bummed, not sure how the pics on my friend's camera phone came out. much thanks!

ahhhh, what a lovely 48 hours i've had....and i can't believe i'm sitting at work right now, when just 7 hours ago i was on a jamiroquai journey that can't be summed up in words or justified - what i feel, what i experienced. david and sharon - you all are lovely. be safe going home. the fans, oh the fans - you are one of a ladies - i miss you already :(
my soul just feels so good. wonderful show both nights guys. the memories....

Oh GOD, I am going to the geg tomorrow in Montreal, this is my first Jamiroquai concert ever. i am so excited...

I can't wait for them to come here to the west coast!!!

On Friday I set off to Toronto to see the show at the Kool Haus. I can't wait!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their reviews of the shows so far. It's getting me even more excited!

fantastic tracklisting! they played YGMS :D


where you from?
did you go to a/c?

i am from philadelphia
yes, i went to AC and both new yorks. i will be in chicago and that's it for me.

nice. maybe im bein stupid but i think i may have bumped into you at the show. i was the fool with the bandana and green hoodie. glad you could share the expierience and im envious of how many shows you have seen. (especially the shows with MORE dynamite tunes)

heres to me winning tickets to the denver show for my birthday!

p.s. im reppin the illadelph myself

Thanks for the Tuesday NY set list. I haven't stop singing, and dancing since I left the show Tuesday nite. The show was absolutely awesome - it has been way too long since Jamiroquai has been on tour over here. The band sounded great, and the energy was incredible! My co-workers, friends and I had a great time. The best live show I've seen next to Prince - Musicology. JK could have easily performed another hour or two. Much love to all the fans in the right front of the stage.

Bring that live horn and string section back with guys!!

See you in March '06.

What a great show Tuesday night...totally on and vibin from start to finish. We brought em out for an encore,, so good. The crowd was alive and in the zone. We boogied. Sweet, intimate venue too, that Nokia Theater. Truly one of the best live shows I've ever seen. Looking forward to March when JK returns to the city.

Great Show Tuesday night. Even better than at the HOB last Friday. They are said to be coming back in March and I intend to be there front and Center.

The 2nd shows was very good and they mixed up the setlist a little which was nice. The played Loveblind, You Give Me Something, and Don't Give Hate a Chance which theye didn't play night one. Everything was fantastic. DAVID AND SHARON IT WAS A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU BOTH AND I'LL SOON SEND YOU THE JAY BOOTY PIC WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT LOL (I figure it would be an interesting addition to the collection lol). Peace!

hey deesha - i hope u saw me last night, even though we were on opposite sides of the stage. sorry i never got back to u about the afterparty, i heard jay announce it at the end of the show. how was it?

i went to ac on friday and definitely thought it was off the hook. but new york on tuesday was an out of body experience! no disrespect, but the new york fans were out of control and able to give jay the love he deserved. and in return, he played a few more songs 'you give me somethin', 'loveblind' and 'don't give hate a chance'. he also announced coming back in march which got me pumped b/c that's when my birthday is. i can't wait, i should've bought tickets to every show in the states. and jamiroquai fans are really some of the nicest people i've ever met, what an unbelievable weekend. peace and love


My wife and I are going to be in Chicago from Ohio on Sunday for our first ever show. I am so fuckin stoked! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO

i remember back in atlanta 99 he said he was gonna be back in the winter and it never happened....hopefully wont be the same way this time..i was gonna go to denver but expenses tight so hopefully ill go to a cocnert soon...or maybe dallas!?

does ANYONE have a URL or anything w/ pictures from the show?

We came all the way from dominican republic to see this show, and it exeeded our expectations! It was a perfectly funky night in which the trippin and dancing never stoped. Jay and the band were amazing and kept everyone up and moving all night long. This was one of the best nights of our lives, flowing with the beats of the old and new, and trippin with the moves of the one and only. We definitely need to see them again... Hopefully our little island will inspire them and they'll decide to stop on by...

fans always!

David it was great to meet you! Glad to know your home safe and sound!! As soon as I return home
(Im still in NYC) I will send you that email with those pics!! Talk to you sooooooon!! =)

I must agree, it was a great run in NY and I am just happy I was there to experience it with such great people.

The past two nights in NY were just incredible. For everyone in the front-row crew, it was great sharing the experience with you guys! David and Sharon, it was quite the pleasure meeting you, even if it was just briefly. Safe travels. Hillary and Kevin, I am anxiously waiting on those pics ;) Much love to all.

All I can say is that this was a different band from when they were here 9/10/01 - tues night show was hands-down a "top 5" show for me in my life. Absolutely amazing set, energy, CROWD!!! NY really showed them love...

Dave, glad to meet you in NY. I was the loud kid who was in the front singing every song. Can't wait to do this again!!! Have a safe trip. Jamiroquai will always get respect in NY. Come back. Met some good people there, Deesha, Sheena, Claudia, Hilary, Kevin and Karl. Thanks For Everything!!! I'll send you some pics David!!

Hey Deesha,
I thought I´m kind of crazy because I went to Amneville (France), Zürich (Switzerland) and Brussels (Belgique), but you, you are more crazy than me! I´ve been to N.Y.C. six times, I have friends there who are twins (The Ganz Twins). Last time was in 1999, I have to go there soon!!! and pictures: from the N.Y. gig are on go on Editorial and search for Jamiroquai

:O u give me something??!?!

that so unfair!

keep it funky :)

buffel - i live an hour from atlantic city and 2 hours from new york city, so both of those trips were definites. as far as chicago, i was going anyway..a friend just had a baby. i just decided to go to the concert last minute. now, if i was going to vegas or CA, then i'd be crazy, but chicago is it for me. gotta do what you love and what you want or you'll go crazy.

i would give just about anything to see them again
tell me what i have to do!

much love all...i feel i finally found home

I'm glad to see that alot of you got pics on Tuesday's show. I didn't get too meet many of you at length (I was the guy with the black Kangol hat on the front right) but can you please link me in to those show pics. I only have a few shots from my camera phone. I'm considering a trip to another city as we speak.


Claudia, Hill or Myself will send you those pics this weekend, I leave to go to my home town today (Thursday). David it was very nice to meet you and the rest of the front row crew/alliance we made. Haha! See u all again in March!!

DEESHA, I drove 1.200 km (maybe around 7.059 miles) with my car for Jamiroquai!

GAH! A couple of people I know, and myself, came all the way from Saskatoon to see the show in Montreal. AND BY GOD I AM PUMPED. I think if I die after tonight, my life will have been complete.

Kevin, good looking out man. Awesome that Matt gave you guys a shoutout in his tour diary...!! Travel safely and see you soon!

Hi All,

Kevin and Hilary, you guys must be thrilled. Where are our pics? Sharon and David I'm glad you made it home safely. You are truly nice people and its great what you do with this site. Hopefully we'll all do it again when they return to the States.

So i guess none of you made it to the afterparty at Bed on Tuesday night? J was in the house for a few minutes leaning against a poll. he had what appeared to be his body guard next to him. i went up to him an introduced myself and he was really cool. funny thing was, when i mentioned i like the Sa-Ra remix of "feels just like it should" he didn't know what i was talking about. it wasn't until and older guy with grey hair (actually looked a lot that J) came up and told J about the remix. if any of you are interested, you should definitely check it out. its available on 12" vinyl single and its probably floating around on the net...

by the way, next to Sade and A Tribe Called Quest, the Jamiroquai show will go down as one of my favorite shows ever! the energy in that place was insane and the band sounded super tight. the only complaint i have was no virtual insanity...

yea, i know it's their most popular song and blah blah blah but that song is just so great, i wouldve really liked to see them play it...peace.

Neil, yeah, that was his bodyguard. Now I'm wondering if catching the elevator up to the club on the 6th floor of the building felt like the start of the video for Alright....!

this was ma second time,,first one was in dc 1999,,fan from day 1,,tue show was good overall even tho J had some probs wit his voice,,but i came home feeling somethings missing,,m a musician myself n JQI had a big impact on me,,i understand where J is heading,,but i really missed their old sound,(toby,stu,simon),thanks to derrick for holding da band together, sola for his wicked rhythm and jay for not giving up,,,PEACE

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