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Added on Thursday 27 October 2005, 16:02 (BST)

The official site has announced confirmed track listings for each of the UK formats of (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, which is released as a single in the UK on 7 November.

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pretty rubbish,, cd2 is the same with one different song??? thought they would have at least included the steve mac full edit and the album version of the track on cd2 instead of edits like cd1?????

Yeah, it is a little strange why there's no CD release of the full length Steve Mac remix and as you say the album version of the single doesn't make it onto CD2.

Ah I was really hoping to see Shoot The Moon appear on this single! Still, the remixes should be good :)

yeh but theyre not :/

Something should be done to make the singles more appealing to all the fans who arent into club mixes. Too bad they couldn't put some live tracks, or demo versions, or any extra b-sides they have kicking around on them.

Exactly Dave, you and me are on the same page. I`ve said this before with FJLIS and 7 Days, why the continuous boring remixes?? They don`t even stick the video on a dvd release nowadays.

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