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Added on Monday 24 October 2005, 12:34 (BST)

Many UK readers will have noticed that Jamiroquai were not on Top Of The Pops on Sunday night.  For reasons beyond the band's control, the recording for the show last weekend did not take place.

Now that the band are on tour in the US, before heading to Japan and Australia, they won't be back in the UK at all to record/perform on the show.

Now, just thinking aloud here, wouldn't it be great if they used a live recording of the track from the recent tour as a promotional "live" performance for Top Of The Pops... 

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Now wouldn't that be an idea, would be a damn sight better than that video with wicked willy!

I was somewhat baffled when Jamiroquai didn't appear on TOTP, even when they were announced as being on just before the show started.
By the way David, I like your idea of using a live recording of the track. Lets hope someone in the know is listening in.

Sometimes its a little more differcult than us lesser mortals think it is!!
Lets just buy the single.And get it in the Charts

I am going to see the concert tonite at Nokia theater, says doors open at 7pm, anyone here who knows when the band usually takes the stage?

That is so unfair, i really wanted to hear a live version of this track though David's suggestion is great!

id doors open at 7.00 then the band will usally be on stage at about quarter to not sure if el presidente (u.k support band|) are supporting in the u.s tour (can you answer that david???) but they were on stage about 20 past 8 when i saw them

keep it funky :)

Ruus: who the hell is wicked willy???

jamiroquai, at least on their first gig in atlantic city HOB did not have an oppening band. they went with a man in a brown leather jacket to dj instead. i suppose a few of the songs he played (mostly techno remixes of journey and chicago songs) were decent...but honestly, quai woulda been better off having me fart in the microphone. actually, to be honest, it was lame. i guess i was just anxious for the Quai to make their entrance...nonetheless, to answer the question, no opening of yet...

oh, and again, the concert was AWESOME

Good idea David, but are you only wondering or do you actually *know* this is what's gonna happen? :P

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