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Added on Tuesday 25 October 2005, 12:12 (BST)
Virtual Insanity promo video stil

Jamiroquai is featured in a special DVD series called "Directors Label" that includes the video, Virtual Insanity.  Who can forget the image defining video that featured Jay dancing amidst a room full of moving furniture?

Directors Label, a range of DVD's which "highlight the work of the filmmakers who have helped to re-define music videos and filmmaking over the last decade" has released a DVD featuring the work of Jonathan Glazer, the director of the multiple MTV award winning video for Virtual Insanity.

Directors Label Vol. 5 from director Jonathan Glazer contains an interview with Jay and a full directors commentary throughout the video and is available from all good stores.

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great!!! I want it right now!!!

I'm sorry to correct you David, but the series are called "The Work Of Director". I've purchased the DVD's of Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham, and the quality of those discs is unbelievable! Let's hope there's the making of Virtual Insanity. Can't wait to buy it.


I want a "The Jamiroquai Video Collection" dvd.....
That would be great!!

no kidding Jose! including all the unreleased stuff like black capricorn day!!!!

virtual insanity...... What amazing video!!!!
An Historical Videoooooooo!!!
Saludos desde México

Virtual Insanity... But we living in !

I agree, amazing video. and the floor no move!!

(I can see relationship betwen this video and the movie "The brilliance" of Stanley Kubrick : the lot of blood ... from the sofa)

a great and weird video, is one of the best i see in my all life
for me the other best jamiroquai video is cosmic girl

Virtual Insanity! That's THE video! The best sooo far! When I am pairing genius and simplicity, This video is a perfect example. Future, made of, virtual insanity, always....

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