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Added on Wednesday 26 October 2005, 00:47 (BST)

Following on with the series of exclusive bandmember interviews at, they have just added a new interview with new Jamiroquai bass guitarist Paul Turner.  The interview contains a great selection of questions, of which this is just one of them... Did you follow Jamiroquai before you joined the group?

Paul: Yes, I had the first three albums and had seen the band a few times. I had been in bands with Adrian Ravel and Simon Carter who had both been in earlier line ups. My wife had Synkronized and AFO too, so although I had never sat and played the songs I’ve always listened to them and knew them.

The interview is online in full at and members can discuss the interview in this thread at the Jamirotalk website.

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is good know paul is a fan before join the band

Fantastic interview: Paul is a talented musician and a great guy! In this interview, he said that they rehearsed If I like it! Oh my god, my dream will come true! I hope they will play it during the US tour in order to have some feedback! I think this Dynamite tour will bring us some great surprises in the few month! Stay Tune Funkers!

Thanks for the news item, David! :)
It was a pleasure to do this interview. Great that the bandmembers are so close to the fans, even giving us such big interviews! Please give us and especially PAUL some feedback in the thread at jamirotalk. I am sure he will read it!!! ;)

i love this man...he's truly, truly a wonderful person.

I would die happy if I could hear Stillness in Time live....though it wouldn't be a proper version without the flute!

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