XL Video is Dynamite with Jamiroquai

Added on Sunday 23 October 2005, 23:10 (BST)

Nobody can deny that the lighting setup on the recent UK/European Dynamite tour was something amazing, whether you have seen it in real life or in some of the concert photos here at the gallery.

If you want to know what goes into the production and design of such a setup, which uses the same video company that artists such as U2 and there is a detailed press release at the XL Video website which describes most of the equipment that is used on tour.

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was one of the best lighting shows i'v seen at a gig!! the production crew did a great job! nice one!

im am so excited about the aussie tour but mostly am really excited about this lighting show ive heard so much about!!!! and from the images ive seen this VJ job looks as tho its gonna blow us all away! hopefully it will be bought down under with them! does anyone know what kind of sound system they have been using?

Catman: the lighting system is not currently on tour with them in the US. :(

Well, it's a pity that there's no lighting system in US tour, it's incredibly wonderful, and it gets along witht the music so well!

ahhh noo :O

Despite being front row for three live performances of Jamiroquai this summer in the UK, I did not 'see' the lights. I am sure that is because I was so close and preoccupied that I couldnt focus on anything except the individual band members.

Since seeing the photo gallery (Sarajevo especially - check it out if you haven't already), I would love to see the show again, but this time from the furthest back. I have been able to enjoy it partially from reviewing the videos that I took. TWW looks like red lemonade !!!

Rob Harris made a comment that he could notice the reactions of the people at the back as the light show changed and peaked.

I am sad for the US fans that they won't be getting this 'extra' to their show buzz. I am hoping that the show will be complete with light-extravaganza for the rest of the tour.

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