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Added on Sunday 23 October 2005, 04:34 (BST)

Here we are, two nights into the current US tour and Jamiroquai have just finished performing at the Roxy in Boston.  The venue is a nightclub so the band were on stage shortly after 7pm, and played for two hours before making room for the club to open.  Here is the set list from this evening...

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. High Times
  7. Seven Days In Sunny June
  8. Light Years
  9. Use The Force
  10. Dynamite
  11. Black Capricorn Day
  12. Love Foolosophy
  13. Main Vein/Time Won't Wait
  14. Alright
  15. Deeper Underground

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Brilliant show. I was about five rows deep on the dancefloor, singing through almost all of the songs. There were some really great moments in this: Sola and Derrick's "duel" on Revolution, Matt's keyboard work on Light Years, and that absolutely awesome solo from Rob on Space Cowboy. That's not to say that Jay, Paul and the girls were crap, they were awesome too. Jay's a funny bloke, he had everyone cracking up. A great night, hope you have fun in New York, David. The Nokia Theatre's brand new; it should be a blast down there!

What a brilliant show!! I was about 7-8 rows deep on the dancefloor... I don't know what else to say but totally f***ing brilliant show by Jay and the band. I loved every minute of it. Can't wait to see them again. Have fun in NY David!

Chris: I had a great night. It was so cool to see the band in such a small venue (as least for us Europeans!)

Funny, I want to see the band in an arena setting, just to see what you guys have seen for years now. Maybe if Dynamite does well enough here, I'll get that chance.

That's the silver lining to being a fan of UK pop living in the USA! Sure most of my favourite bands are never played on the radio but when they come on tour it's always small venues with general admission tickets. I would never have been this close to Jamiroquai if they were hugely popular here and playing at, say, the FleetCenter. As it is when they played Boston in 1997 it was a larger venue (Virtual Insanity was a hit at the time) with assigned seats and I ended up way towards the back because I was late getting tickets and all the good seats had sold out.

Thanks for your brillant reviews! It's great to read your comments! For those who were in boston, I would like to know something: How was Light Years? Is it a old school version without horns or a totally rearranged version like UTF or Revolution 2005? Thanks funkers!!!

Did I miss the memo? We drove up from CT and I did not know they would be going on so early!!! We walked in halfway thru the show!!! I am so upset!!! Since this is not a common practice of going on so early-please if anyone knows that this may happen in future shows please let the fans know. we are really bummed here but what we did see was fantastic!!!!

does hay still have the moves. since he is 35 now.

sorry, i meant jay k.

It was just great. Because the club was small, the concert was more personel. The sound was great.
Sorry, couldn`t find you David to say hello.
I took great pics at the concert ( I was 2nd row) and some after the concert at the back of the building where Jay Kay signed some autographs.
Let me know if you want them David.
have a great time in N.Y.

Hi David, I looked for you at the show in Boston. I was right up front and passed Jkay a "special present". He semmed to enjoy it. I got some video and good pics . I will send them to you . Set list was awesome.

I'm going to the Nokia show tomorrow, Wooohooo! my first Jam concert ever! I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about the show. I am a little dissapointed that Supersonic and Feel just like it should isn't present on the set lists so far. Hope to meet some of you at the show, since its GA tickets, should I arrive when the doors open to get the best seat? I'd like to sit cuz that way I can drink, chat and enjoy Jamiroquai with my date.

whose gonna' play the yirdaki (didgeridoo) if 'supersonic' was on the setlist??????????

This show was brilliant!! The reworkings of Revolution, Use the Force, and High Times blew the original versions away. I have never seen a crowd dance more at a show. My only complaint was them playing that Godzilla song as an encore. I hope that their success at the Roxy will bring another show to Boston ASAP.

To answer a few questions...

Light Years was a reworked version. At least I think it was because I honestly don't remember much about it. Just that I couldnt' sing along with it because the vocal arrangements seemed different.

Jay was very nimble on stage and had great moves. He even made a joke about his age before playing Revolution. "This song is from the first album, back when I was young and good looking. Ha!"

As for the start time it was even earlier than I expected (around 7:20 or so). Normally small venues like that have late start times. The exceptions are when the venue is a nightclub and the show is on a weekend, the club doesn't want to lose its regular weekend business so the shows are usually over by 9:30.

Thanks Dave for your answers! Always on fire!!!

We made our way up the the balcony just right of the stage. It was sick! We had a great view lookin down on the stage and even got a few looks from Jay. The man has moves! I was touched by how personal he is with the crowd. 1st show, but definitely not the last.

Does anyone know if they are going on at 7pm or 9pm in NYC? The tickets have BOTH times listed -- argh!! We'll be there early

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