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Added on Saturday 22 October 2005, 05:24 (BST)

On Friday night Jamiroquai played their first full length concert in America since playing New York city in September 2001.  The set list from the House Of Blues in Atlantic City was as follows:

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. High Times
  7. Seven Days In Sunny June
  8. Mr Moon
  9. Use The Force
  10. Black Capricorn Day
  11. Love Foolosophy
  12. Main Vein/Time Won't Wait
  13. Alright
  14. Deeper Underground
The band now head to Boston on Saturday and then New York for gigs on Monday and Tuesday night at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square.
Credit: Deesha Dyer

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Funny to call this tour Dynamite tour: only two songs from the new album, no Dynamite (ASHAMED!), only 13 songs... I rather call this tour The Midnight Sun Tour volume II! Wake UP Jay, let the music play on! Remember the B-live 2005 in London...

Funkadelic, go to NY gig for more good look ...

Why jamiroquai doesn't play "black devil car" on stage which is one of the best song in the last album !!!

Nice setlist if you ask me!

Agree with you, nice setlist but always the same! They have now approximately 50 perfect songs and they always play the same! I wanna hear Falling, Where do we go from here, you are my love, half the man, music of the mind, If I like it, Travelling, Funktion...

I hope they play more songs from Dynamite while in New York. After all, isn't this a tour to support and promote their new album? They should at least play Don't Give Hate a Chance since its the next single being released...

i am barely awake right now. i had to clean up a school with my kids (students) this morning and they are so cute. they asked me all about the concert and if i was drunk (which i wasn't). haha! they asked me if i met 'him' and brought me coffee. they are so precious! anyway, it was purely amazing. so much happened. my soul is on overdrive right now. david - they are headed to boston honey - where you and sharon will see them (you have new york posted). it looks like a really short concert, but it didn't seem that way when we were standing there. everything this year has brought me positive and negative just didn't matter last night.. 'it keeps know that it keeps on...' lovely...the memories..

looks a reather short set list.I agree with funkadelicthey need 2 split it more evenly over all of the albums,As they seem To All Be Coming off All Albums Exept The current one and the 1st 1

Deesha: yeah, thanks for spotting that (stupid) mistake of mine! How could I forget they're playing Boston on Saturday night when I'm in the city!!!! Its all fixed now. Thanks.

Not much variation...I'm hoping they'll switch up a couple of tracks for the Boston show tonight. Either way, this is gonna be awesome. Jaminneapolis from Jamirotalk said that the Boston gig's sold out, which is fantastic news. See you at the show!

I haven't seen them since 99 at the Troc in philly and i danced my ass off then as i did last night. welcome back to the U.S. J, jam on. Although it would of been nice to hear morning glory. My girl's first show and she loved it..thanx....peace out ...holla holla

When I first walked in HOB, Jay Kay was standing around talking to fans ever so casually...I almost freaked. It was so awesome to be at my first Jamiroquai show after being a fan for close to 10 years and being able to meet him to. Without the head garb, he blended in so well only true fans picked up on it. Best show I have seen in years.

What a blass at HOB. I wish I could have met him. He was realy cool, playing with the croud by sicking his head out every now an then. Jay don't wait to long to come back to the US. We need you.

david - incase you read this before your email, love foolosophy was in between BCD and MV/TWW. i probably forgot to put that in my text..i was a bit hyper...but i'm looking at my list, and it is on bad for the confusion. have fun tonight. i'm finally going to sleep!

WOW - Absolutely THE best show last night!!! The band was tighter than ever, and they, the ladies, and Jay were in top performing mode. Jay totally cracked my Aunt and me up with his funny comments between songs. What a cutie!! His dance moves were funky and tight. I was ever impressed with the band - they are extremely talented musicians and deserve much recognition. The ladies clearly had a great time singing and their voices were dynamite, just like Jay's. The fans sang along with mostly every song, at times drowning out Jay! It was aaaaalll good. We were showin' the Luv, singing, dancing, and having the best time ever!

On an end note, I got to see them in Bologna, Italy on Oct 20, 1999 for their Synchronized World Tour. I was blown away with that show.

Keep it up guys!!! xo

I'm going to the Monday Nokia Gig. I Don't know an fans personally, would be nice to meet up some of you guys if you're gonna be there monday night. Give me a shout by monday at [email protected]

The show was awesome. After 8 years of thinking I'd never get to see Jamiroquai live (last time they came here, I was too young to go, according to my mother), I must say that they did not disappoint me. Excellent. Like someone else said, the setlist looks short, but it didn't feel it.

Jay's promise on stage to come out after the show and hang out with fans was not a lie. I was surprised more people didn't wait around, honestly. They're very nice guys. :)

Great show last night at HOB. This was my third Jamiroquai show and one of the best. Sure the setlist could have included more from the new album but damn it's Jamiroquai -enough said. Considering the venue and the band's long absence it was a safe setlist. The work they did on Mr.Moon, Revolution, SpaceCowboy and Use the Force -were excellent. 7 Days and Time Won't wait were wonderful.

Here is the offical set list from the engineer's booth:
Canned Heat, SC, CG, Revolution, LL, HT, 7DAYS, Mr. Moon
UTF, BC, Lovefool, Time Won't Wait, alright, Deeper Underground

Hopefully, we will get the full set at Monday night's show in NYC. I can't wait. I am just thankful they came to the States period.

I was at the show at HOB last night. Although they didn't play many songs, the show had so much energy and it was so nice to finally see them again (last time was in Philly in 1997) I didn't mind so much that the show wasn't that long. Although a couple more couldn't of hurt. But when I woke up this morning, I was still jammin to those beats. I am still sitting here now, high from the concert. I hope that it won't be another decade before we see them in the states again.

Perfect. What more could you ask from these guys? My first time seeing them in concert and it was such a great time. Jay's voice is amazing. His moves are great. He's a real class act who really seems to appreciate his fans. The band was flawless as well. I was up in the balcony where people were dancing all over the place really feeling the music. It was truly a wonderful experience. Long live Jamiroquai! A+

You lucky buggers !!! Mr. Moon, and MV with TWW - what a play list !!! And High Times, I think this was a alternative for BCD, and very nice too. I hope Jamiroquai rocked the US fans with UTF, I dread to think what the lyrics and funk of UTF would do to the shaping of the US foreign policy if some politicians ever discovered it !!! Enjoy America !!!

The HOB concert was great! Met Jay K and the band after the show. (Good things come to those who stay behind for about 30 minutes!-) Jay was very approachable and appreciated the energy the crowd gave the band during the show.

As for the set, I thought that it was good overall. I would have loved it if they could have played more songs from the new ablum--Talullah and Hot Tequila Brown. Regardless, it was great seeing them live after all of these years!

It was truly a fab concert.. It 's nice to see Jam. back in the States!!

Just for info, Love Foolosophy was also performed at the gig and has now been added to the set list. Thanks Deesha for the correction.

What an awesome show!!! We were front row center and we could not have asked for more! (Thanks to HOB for hooking us up w/ "pass the line" tickets!!) Meeting Jay afterwards was definitly a HUGE highlight! Very approachable and personable. A birthday for John to always remember!!!

i was at the show ..and it was groovin so hard. the funk was in full force. crazy balloons floating over everyones heads while all were gettin down. loved it!!!

i think this was a great chapter in my life
Jay, amazing. Quai, tight. my first show and been wishing for it for some time now....Amazing. im bankin to win tickets for my nov.1 birthday for love to go out there and id love to see them again, even if they play the same darn setlist YA'LL

Dave, Amazing.

Telford, PA

The HOB concert was off the hook!!!!!!!!!!! first concert not the last .....please keep the great music comming!!! i see people are bitching about not hearing enough tracks from the new album but i beleieve that pulling from them all was great.


The show was absolutely off the hook, personally after waiting four years to see the band again, I can’t complain about the set list one bit, especially since I was able to find myself in the front row on the side that Jay spent most of his time… I felt like I had my own private show… the girl next to me gave him a hat and Jay was gracious enough to lean down and thank her … very cool!!.. not to mention they were cool enough to take a request (Mr. Moon) … I had to drive four hrs to see them and would do it all over again… Thnx for coming back to the US… please don’t wait so long next time around and please have a show in DC next time…. there is a huge fan base here… DC misses J and the Band.. [email protected]

The A.C. show was amazing! The set list wasn't my favorite, but definitely one of the best shows I've ever been to b/c the venue was so up close and personal. I hung around for about 20 minutes after the show hoping the band would come out. When they didn't, I left. Now I'm wishing I had stayed!
Any chance someone out there has 2 tickets for tonight's NY show that they are looking to sell? I'd love to go again and would make the 2 hour drive from Philly if there were any extra tickets.

The HOB AC show was off the Hook. Loved every minute of it. Wished they played Tallulah though and corner of the earth. Going to see them in NY (tuesday the 25th)at the Nokia. Anybody eles going? Would love to say hey!. Let me know.


First time at a show, took the wife (who was not a fan and hadn't really ever heard them) She loved it!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd was great, Jay sounded great, band sounded great. I am sorry I didn't hang around after the show, would have love to met him. Thi sdefinitely will not be my last show.

Dumb question, but anyone know if somehow a bootleg of the show some how got found?????????

hey tonygee
were you on the left hand side near one of the pillars?
just a hinch

This was a concert I had been waiting for forever!! Being in the front row and Jay literally being about 7-10 feet in front of me was incredible! I felt as if he was singing directly to me the whole time! Wish I could of stayed after the show to hang out with all the people I had met with the "Pass the line" tickets, but I had work the next morning :( Especially since the band DID come out and talk to everyone! DARN!!!! It was ok though cause I jammed out all the way on the ride home. Hoping Jamiroquai will come back soon so I can jam out some more!!

it's takin me a lil longer than expected to write a review on the concert b/c i saw them last night in new york too. atlantic city was amazing! i was a lil dissappointed that they didn't play 'dynamite', b/c that's the name of the new album and the tour name. but it's all good. so how long did it take jay and the band to come out and chill in the crowd? i really wanted to stay, but i only waited 20 minutes b/c i had a 2 hour drive to go home. peace and love

Drove Up from DC. I have driven many miles in the past to see Jamiroquai, but this was the best yet. Stripped down band with no Horns or DJ made it Rockin. Got a Picture with Jay after the show.

We were near a pillar, but we were on the right(as you face the stage) by the board. Couldn't miss us we were the middle aged couple trying to act like we were 25!! LOL.

Met some cool peeps at the show, but meeting JK afterwards was the absolute best.

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