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Added on Sunday 16 October 2005, 07:29 (BST)

Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris has just started his own blog which he will be using as a diary for his own website at  In his first diary entry he talks about the recent European tour...

"The last leg of the tour was very cool.Some great gigs and amazing audiences. Thanks to everyone for giving us such a good reception, hopefully we'll see you all again next year. The music has been getting better and the band and Jay have been gelling more and more with every performance.It took us a while to loosen up onstage and really get into each others pockets so to speak. We've been listening to the gig recordings after most of the shows and we've all noticed the improvements."

Rob also mentions touring in 2006, a visit to the dentist (!), and what he thinks about the video to Give Hate A Chance.  Today (Sunday) the band are in London recording a performance for Top Of The Pops, and then they get ready to fly out to America on Thursday.

Rob's diary can be found at

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I can totally understand how he suffers from staying far from home for such a long time, I do think often that it's not that fun to tour, of course there's part of enjoyment, but it's pretty tough, especially to spend hours and hours on bus or plane...

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