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Added on Saturday 15 October 2005, 12:48 (BST)
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A clip of the Give Hate A Chance video and an interview with Jay was broadcast on CD:UK television show on Saturday morning.  In the interview with Jay he talked about how the video was made, and how going on tour isn't as fun as it sounds as they spend so much time on the tour bus travelling between gigs...

"Everybody thinks its really glamorous when you go on tour, we go all over the world - we go to America, Japan, Australia on this leg and they think you do see the world, "What was it like", and you actually really don't see much."

The video is now on most UK music television stations and the clip and interview from CD:UK is now available on the downloads page here at 

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Firstly that is not the complete video.(i think)
Secondly where has the beginning of the song gone and why is it call cut up like that
Thirdly the animation looks cheap.
Lastly I think Give Hate a Chance was not the right song to release as a single and I dont see this one doing too good on the charts

Yes, as the news story says it is just a clip of the video. Secondly it uses the radio edit of the track, which has online to listen to in full. Thanks.

The radio edict sucks
Will the full video be online soon?

The full video should be online at early next week.

David. I would like to hear your opinion about the video. After a few viewings it just doesnt feel like a jamiroquai video.

Yeah, I know where you're coming from. I think the animation of Jay is great, and like that there's a lot going on in the video, but with it being the bands first ever animation it will take some getting used to.

After watching it in full a couple of times on TV, I like it alot.

Watching it in full?? Can you rip it?

I'm undecided on it. There are some great ideas in the video but the animation looks a little cheap

Firstly, Thanks David, you're the best as always. Now the video: I was affraid before seeing it but I find it cool! Perhaps it lacks a little bit punch cause it's a so powerful song but the character is good, great mooves and the colours are funky! The only very BAD THING is the radio edit version of GHAC, which not respected the spirit of the song: It's cut everywhere!!! But the clip satisfied me. It changes with the old clip but it's original and unique, like Jamiroquai. CHEERS :)

ooo... i don't like it, though, i'll reserve doubt until i see a full version of the video clip.
It's just that it reminds me of those mobile ringtone ads, which (as someone said before) look very cheap.

It felt so weird watching it, it felt weird compared to seeing the other Jamiroquai vids, but after a while ater seeing it i thought yeah its cool, i'll get used to it' But i thought the cartoon of Jay would be more like the one in the Dynamite game on the official site-doesn't look anything like him! Oh well we'll see! Overall though i like it.

I can't help but think the stoners are going to love this...I mean, it's so strange for people like me that don't get into a haze...imagine how it would be if your mind was off-kilter a bit.

Seriously, it's not bad. Not what I was expecting but not bad.

love it, what a wacky video!
what do you expect? real soldiers dancing? that would look quite gay, like a parade or something.

the animated jay is great, a breath of fresh air.

It looks to me that they got part of the idea from a 70's italian commercial.
You can find more here:

The idea of animated clip is Jay's idea. He thinks that it's better than a classic video in order to developp all the ideas of the songs. Cheers

I liked the video. Jay too cartonish, maybe more real would've been better. But is something different, I like it. Hope it'll do a good promotion.

D! (dyego)

It got kinda repetitive, but it's still really cool.

I liked the hand drawing!

The little "funny" soldier things remind of "Worms" - you know that game where you kill each other and they say in really funny little voices "ohhh nooooooo" when you blow them up? and you can use all sorts of exciting weapons (and give the "worms" names of all the people you don't really like!) ----- although weapons are only fun in

I like the video - only watched it once and trying to figure out what everything means in it.

I thought when the little worm things morphed into "non-soldier" type things we'd see a tick and not a's all confusing.

Anyway - I like it!

The video is repetitive and yes, the animation looks cheap. The song is good though. This is no PIXAR...

Hahaaaaaaaaaaa! xP! what a crazy and funny video!. I think it's kind of lovely, i like it! =D. Those gorillaz haha so damn weird... but i liked it! "Give this video a chance" =P

Jamike: thanks for the link. Yeah, the idea of the "artist" drawing and then watching it come alive sure looks very similar to the italian video you linked to. Thank you.

I can´t see the video !!!

omg 1st impression : I hate it. I hope this grows on me....

Lola: use VLC to watch the video. All the information about where to download it is at the bottom of the downloads page.

I also saw a clip of the Video on T4 today. I think I need to see the vid all the way through before I can comment but it looks not bad so far. Jay did quite a good interview as well but they kept cutting short just when it was getting interesting.

saw the vid and it me made me laugh!!! i really like it. its a fresh new feel to a jamiroquai vid!!!!
shame T4 kept cutting him short!

this video can not match with others jamiroquai clips. I think that this animation is too cheap. jamirquai shuold be more original

i wanna see the vid in full b4 my final judgement,get it on soon david! (plz)

...take a look at the videos since 1993...
How more original can you get elkoo??????!!!!!!!!

I don't think Jamiroquai video are very original. They are made with a great simple idea, a great soul and a cool attitude. But for me simplicity = Genius. One of the most important thing is, in my opinion, the fact that the visual efferts are not very present in their video (except for FJLIS which is not very good). That's why I love them. For GHAC, It's difficult to share all the feelings of the lyrics with a classic video. They don't want to make a WYGL version 2005! That's why I think the animated video is fun, with a cool design, perhaps a little bit repetitive but fun. And the main character has great moves! Defiitely better than AFo clips!

dave, i see the cd uk clip of the new video...AWESOME
jay kay is back and the neww video is amazing, awesome, i dont have words¡¡¡¡¡¡

If only I had the vote system running here still as "Do you like the video?" would have been a great one. I'll try and get the voting back on the site sometime soon!

i havent even seen it yet!

Great idea David, as usual! Cheers

great idea david,put a new poll about the video, wil be great¡¡¡

...but when you're pairing simplicity with genius, isn't that a contradiction? - (reference first two lines funkadelic)I'm sorry, but the atrocity that's emblazened across VH1 and MTV either include Mercedes, Bling, Women, or all of the above, and leave you shaking your head in Despair as to what people will be thinking 20 years down the line as they look at the sound and video of today. I've never seen a bloke dressed in a wicked native American jacket, and Guatemalan shirt dancin' the hell of his feet in a desert....
...'Original' and 'Innovation' have just collected me.
I won't mention 'Supersonic', 'Space Cowboy', or 'Virtual Insanity'...

As for me Zed, simplicity in Jamiroquai clip is the right word and it's not a bad critic. Space cowboy is a perfect clip, very simple with only one great idea. virtual insanity is in the same concept: not a technological video with special effects. Just a great idea, Jay dancing with a decor and a clean direction. Too young is the same: A man dancing alone in desert. It's strong and powerfull! Alright again: a band playing his song with people all around them. It only makes the difference with the modern clip where creativity and talent are absent. Rap video are just the good example of these modern times: they have no idea, just naked women and big cars! That's why when Snoop win the prize for the best video, I was happy because Jamiroquai is not in the same category: they are talented musicians, not him! And I agree with you when you mention innovation for Jamiroquai clip, you're right! I just say concerning Jamiroquai that they must not make clip video with a profusion of special effects like all the others clip, they must stay who they are, despite the trends. When I am pairing simplicity and genius, I only talk about Jamiroquai, I don't speak generally. Finally, we are agree together :) Cheers!

...the drink is on me.

I found the interview on CDUK rather frustrating, as the woman kept on interjecting with her "hilarious" comments, but give credit to Jay, he just blatantly ignored her and carried on saying what he was saying. And even though she made a point at the start of the interview of saying she wouldn't ask Jay any "regulation" questions, she still blabbed on about tabloid garbage. I know, how about somebody actually asks him some questions about their music for a change; that would be novel.

oh.... hmm.... i want another DGHAC clip .... :(

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