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Added on Saturday 15 October 2005, 12:40 (BST)
(Don't) Give Hate A Chance Projection in London

Some photos that I took following the first projection of the (Don't) Give Hate A Chance video in London on Friday night are now available at in the news and gallery sections.

I don't know how the other three planned projections went (as I was unable to go along and watch) but I'm guessing we'll hear more about it over the coming days. 

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I'm confused - did the other 3 projections take place? I read your news as if it didn't happen.

MsP: I've just slightly re-worded the news item. The only reason I don't know about them is because I didn't get to go to them.

I'll hopefully find out more when the Sony marketing people return to work on Monday.

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