Dynamite and Electric Mistress remixes

Added on Monday 17 October 2005, 07:20 (BST)

Production group Fanatix, who consist of BBC Radio 1Xtra's Aaron Ross and Ministry of Sound's Neil Pearce have recently completed remixes of Dynamite and Electric Mistress.

The remix of Dynamite, which I think is pretty good indeed was broadcast on Aaron's Soulful House show on BBC Radio 1Xtra last week.  A rip of this remix from the radio station online stream is now available on the downloads page.

I've not heard (or found) the remix of Electric Mistress yet but I do know that it exists out there on a CDR. 

According to the Aaron Ross website, both remixes are being done for Sony - which means that they may find themselves onto an official Jamiroquai release at some point, and not just white label vinyl.

Credit: Greg Wells

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you're right david, the remix is pretty cool.
at least we'll have a few good official remixes!


These guys did a great job with Dynamite...I'd love to see Jamiroquai try a live take on this remix. Thanks David!

Thanks David! It reminds me the Space Cowboy remix of David Morales! It's good with a great end but I prefer the original version. As for me, the Jamiroquai remix are generaly bad (only a beat box added with a faster tempo)except for Canned Heat MAW which is simply amazing! Cheers

Didn't like the first bit of it, but as it goes in it gets better so i like it, in the way i ended up liking the Mark Ronson remix of FJLIS. Though it has no resemblence to the original song which i absolutly luv cos it so funky, i like it in another way, an intresting turn on it.

The remixes are cool, but previously, their tracks were difficult to work on. AFO had some of Jamiroquai's best house remixes- Love Foolosophy Knee Deep Mix (that piano loop is just class, but it still keeps the tune, and it's more than "just the same track with a house beat on it", for me, one of the best vocal disco house tracks), Corner Of The Earth Milk and Sugar Mix, You Give Me Something Extended Mix, Little L Bob Sinclar Mix. Dynamite will no doubt have some, too- if in the right hands (Best one so far is Time Won't Wait Groove Assassins Mix, and the ones for Seven Days). Actually, there are a few songs just crying for a remix- Electric Mistress, Loveblind, Starchild, and more on the current set of singles. In the right hands, they could do something special.

Wow! Thanks David. I was really hoping someone would do a Dynamite track remix. As far as my opinion of the "best" remix goes, I would like to add that the Cosmic Girl Quasar instrumental Dub is by far the best remix I've heard in a long time. JamiroZONE has them for download right now in his "archive section"....

Do you notice the new vocals at 3mn35? Jay is definitely a terrific singer!!! Amazing, I love it! Boy, you always got the funk!

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