(Don't) Give Hate A Chance Video Premiere Location Updates

Added on Friday 14 October 2005, 14:25 (BST)

The timings for the (Don't) Give Hate A Chance video projections in London tonight (Friday) have had a last minute update.  They are now as follows:

  • 6pm - Brewer Street London W1 (near the NCP car park)
  • 7.30pm - Undisclosed Official Government Building
  • 9pm - Undisclosed Official Government Building
  • 10.30pm - Chelsea Barracks

Last minute updates and locations of the government buildings will be announced at later today and should be sent via SMS to people who have registered for updates.

Details of the government buildings are understandably being kept secret for now to avoid any last minute problems.  Similar "projections" onto famous landmarks have been done in the past, notably in the UK back in 1999 when (celebrity) Gail Porter was projected onto the Houses Of Parliament as promotion for UK magazine FHM.

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These images are going to be brilliant!!!! Can't wait to see photos.

Anyone from here going?

I'm going to the Brewer Street projection in Soho for 6pm. This I think will only be small, although in a very busy part of London. I'll have my camera with me hopefully to capture the moment. I'm not going to any others.

The other projections will be much "grander", and there are some impressive locations lined up - of course, if I told you where they are now I would have to kill you!

This is sounding like a really impressive bit of marketing for Jamiroquai and hopefully it will all go according to plan. Lets hope that the press have been tipped off about the event.

For info, the following has been posted onto the guestbook here at

Friday 14 October 2005, 16:09 (BST)

Hey everyone, just seen the Dont Give Hate A Chance video on "the Amp" music channel a few mins ago. Its not as grand as I was expecting but it features a computer animated JK dancing in his trdemark hat and tracksuit!. The video features several themes of the song: Racism, war, politics etc

Craig, England

Ooooouuuh... I'm going to have fear. An animated clip, no as grnad as expected. Just cross fingers to see it soon... Cheers

Whatever its like i know i'm gunna end up liking it like all the other Jamiroquai vids. Shame i have to wait till tommorow to see it on CDUK!!! Have fun anyone who is going to see it let us all know how it was!

Have a great time David ---- have you already given us any clues btw?

Can I ask - do you have to get permission to project these images onto buildings? Is it one guy who has to run around with a projector thing or is it some hugely organised lots of skilled technician people?

I think this is going to be a pretty impressive image.

Hope you have a good time Mr Rowe.

i hope the video come to argentina fast like all the others videos of dynamite

where i can see the video??? please....

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