GHAC Projection Update

Added on Friday 14 October 2005, 18:40 (BST)
The video has been projected against a large wall in the middle of London's SOHO district and Jay even turned up in his car to watch the first showing.  There are three more showings tonight with details at and photos will follow later.

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Jay turned up in his car?!

How cool!

Really cant wait to see this vid! First animated video - should be cool

Brilliant!!!!!!!!! Which car? The Porsche?

This is brilliant!!!! (will think of other "this is Mashing it up" for future comments!)

"We've been giving hate a chance...." Sings!

yea,we want seen the video¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

yipp.. sound really cool!! So David, How did you like it?? I'm curious..!!

WTF was the MI6 projection?!?!

(somewhat cheesed here)

bet it was supa cool to be ther in london to watch! gutted! will wait till CD:UK!!!

Well, it's going to be more and more intersting! David, can you describe us this video? Do you like it? What's your opinion about it? I'm also very curious... :)

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