How to stay off drugs - the Jay Kay way...

Added on Friday 14 October 2005, 12:20 (BST)

According to the Sun newspaper (UK), Jay has offered supermodel Kate Moss advice on how to kick drug addiction (following the huge amount of recent UK press coverage on her drug taking):

JAY KAY offered troubled supermodel KATE MOSS advice on how to beat drugs. The JAMIROQUAI star, who managed to kick a cocaine habit, told her: "Find a true friend and, with their help, cut yourself away for a year. You have money, you’re young, you are pretty, no one is going to forget you."

This is what Jay did at the end of 2003, and those who've seen him over recent months cannot help but notice a positive difference.

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This is a nice hearty comment from someone who knows all about what drug abuse does to u.

Nice to hear he has something nice to say about, what the media has blown all out of proportion really....


i am so proud of our jay!!! :-)

glad he's happier now, and that everything has turned for the better

it's cool that he came off as really trying to help, instead of looking condescending or "holier than thou." I applaud Jay for trying to help someone out. :)

great words jay

nice words jay! glad to see your alot happier!!! keep it fresh

cant they just leave celebritys alone? seriously i mean wtf! the media are just a pack of rotten savages!

my comment was in reference to the medias bitch about kate mosses "drug" problem! Oh no she's used cocaine, ketamine and heroin? well apparently heroin! but come SHE'S A MODEL!!! everyone is like suprised! lol

Boy it was a nice comment ---Really Jay---I think that you are very handsome a real cutie . So if drugs are out of your life look at the positive energy you receive. Your skin,hair nails taste buds all come back healthier and you don't miss anything from the past --- Stay Strong Jay PEACE

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