Tour diary update - back in the UK

Added on Tuesday 11 October 2005, 23:05 (BST)

Matt has added a new entry to the Official Jamiroquai Tour Diary, written on Tuesday from his home in England, after completing the current European leg of the Dynamite tour at the Sony Ericsson/Orange private gig in Paris.  Part of his message reads...

"After the show we drove straight back to London in our tour buses. At the chunnel we had to stop and wait for the train and Jay came onto our bus (the band bus) and played us the show we had just done on CD! It sounded great (even if I do say so myself!) and there was much back patting and toasts with rather large glasses of champagne. It was nice to end this leg on a high."

"We are all very vibed up about going to the USA so you lot out there better get ready, we're going to give it to you hard!"

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Il'd pay good money for that CD! lol

yeah, i heard that jay kay records every concert jamiroquai has,so its all a+ quality..i am seriously thinking of braking in a jays house and steal it!

Please make a live dvd...!!!!!!!!
The "live in Verona" dvd is not so good like the dynamite-tour....

I Agree. Let`s have a Dynamite Tour DVD.

great stuff! would love another live DVD would be fab!!!

Yes.. that's a really nice idea!!! I would love to watch this DVD over and over again!!! :-)

Do they really watch every concert they did after? if it's true, they're really deligent! good guys!

a few more days. it's good to see them or matt excited about the US tour.

U.S. Here We Come!!!

Can't wait to see them here in the States!! I'ts been 4 years!!

I can't wait to see them @ Nokia theatre on Monday 24th

DVD now !!!

Good tour in USA

Yes I would like Jay to release some of those great "bootlegs" for us, I keep wondering doesn't he need a tape archivist to keep track of all those recordings. I'll do it! Give me that job, please!

Yes, another DVD: amazing B-Live concert+Bercy 2005! The double DVD of pure Funk!!! Cheers

A Dynamite tour live DVD would be top of my christmas list bring it out now!!!!!!!

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