The Super-Phonics - more ex-Jamiroquai bandmembers unite

Added on Thursday 13 October 2005, 09:27 (BST)

Japanese website Ongakudb has put information online about a new album being released in November by a band called "The Super-Phonics".  Members of the band include ex-Jamiroquai musicians Nick Van Gelder, Mike Smith and Simon Bartholomew. Other members of the band have performed with groups including Incognito, James Taylor Quartet, US3 and the Brand New Heavies.

Credit: Yukito Inoue

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Musicians from the Brand New Heavies, Incognito and Jamiroquai performing in ONE Band? To me thats like a dream coming true! By the way, isnt Simon Bartholomew also Member of BNH? I hope I can get this CD from the "Super Phonics" in Germany too. To all the US-Fans: You are really really lucky guys! Have fun!

Yeah, Simon is still in the Heavies (at least he was when they supported Jamiroquai at the Clapham gig in London a few months ago). If anyone has any more info about this album, feel free to post it here.

Mike Smith, the genius sax player? Please come back with Jamiroquai, I miss your talent!!!

We need to know more about this CD from super Phonics.
Also Dave why are we not seeing or hearing any thing about Jamiroquai on MTV or any of the music stations.They do have a new CD.

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