Dutch television interview

Added on Tuesday 11 October 2005, 21:45 (BST)
RTL Boulevard interview

In interview with Jay (and Rob) together with a small amount of concert was broadcast on Dutch television show RTL Boulevard on Monday where Jay talks about his love of cars, and how he recently felt like he was James Bond whilst out in his car! 

Jay also (jokingly) said that in his dressing room before a concert, he only drinks tea from cups made of China.

The short interview can be seen on the RTL Boulevard website. 

Credit: Maarten Froon

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Wow, if you are on boulevard this will say a lot.. Nice interview and very nice gig off course... I was there, fantastic!!!!!!

RTL boulevard is the worst program ever, but at least Jami is on dutch televsion

funny men - that rob and jay. i'm happy i understand dutch, although the interview was in english.

what video format is on the RTL homepage?

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