Dynamite - Billboard US Chart Update

Added on Friday 07 October 2005, 19:58 (BST)

Dynamite is currently at number 195 in the Billboard Top 200 chart dated 15 October.  According to sales figures it sold 5,337 copies this past week.  Last week it sold 6,877 copies.

In other US news, the soundtrack to the Roll Bounce movie, where Jamiroquai's cover of Hollywood Swingin' appears is at number 168.

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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I expect these numbers to rise in the weeks ahead. Still, these look quite pitiful.

fyi - these numbers are from the soundscan report. i'm not a soundscan expert, but i think there are a bunch of record shops around the country that don't report to soundscan. but yes...maybe as the tour gets closer, the numbers will go up. maybe...we shall see.

im the biggest american fan and i will buy 1000000000 copies if i have to

This is so sad!!! I hope they know that they have alot of US fans!!!! Popular music in America is in such a sad state! Radio sucks here!!! Also, there has been no buzz about the album! Not even one commercial played on VH1 which they did with Funk Odyssey. Not even any reviews-People magazine has always reviewed them but not this time. Is the record company not even making an effort?! This sucks!! I am so psyched that they are coming to the states!!! I can't wait to see them in two weeks in boston!!! The countdown has begun!! And yes I will buy 10000000 copies too if I have to!!!

Here in L.A. their concert is already sold out. I hope that's a good indicator.

ah..i always said that they shouldnt release it in usa..

Ivan - I think both San Francisco dates are sold out also and Boston. And in Canada, Toronto is sold out.
It's something...

yeah,i understand its not all about the sales,but i love jamiroquai too much and i would like them to sell millions of albums all across usa..but good taste is obviously rare..

i hear's promotion just sucks. don't even get me started!

anybody knows for how big audience Jamiroquai is playing in u.s.?

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