Jamiroquai in Profile on UK television

Added on Friday 07 October 2005, 13:37 (BST)

On Friday 21 October at 00:55 a program will be broadcast on ITV1 television channel in the UK called "Jamiroquai in Profile".  The description of program is as follows:

Profile of the British band that has enjoyed worldwide success with a string of hits featuring their blend of house rhythms and 70s-era soul/funk. Their debut single When You Gonna Learn? in 1992 led to a long-term recording contract with Sony, and some of their biggest hits to date have included Space Cowboy and the worldwide hit Virtual Insanity. The track Deeper Underground was the soundtrack to the 1998 movie Godzilla. (Stereo, Widescreen, Subtitles)

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I just love sneaking down late at nite to see any music shows with Jamiroquai in it and after not seeing anything with Jamiroquai in it for a while i'm excited!!! Hope it shows them from a good, positive point of view and for once and for all shows that they are the greatest band in the world!!!

thank god for tivo, from the words of a heavy sleeper. Cant wait to see the show!

I think I'll be staying up a little later to tune in.

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