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Added on Friday 07 October 2005, 19:59 (BST)
(Don't) Give Hate A Chance CD1 artwork has today (Friday) revealed the (very cool looking) cover artwork for (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, the third single release from Dynamite.

The single will be released on 7 November as a CD single, CD maxi and 12" and is available to pre order from the Official Jamiroquai shop. also confirms that Steve Mac and The Freemasons have remixed the single.

Details of promo releases of the forthcoming single are now available in the discography here at 

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This is the best single cover ever!!! it look's so cool!!!!

Actually, i like the red cover better...

WOW! This is some very cool cover artwork. I think I'll make this my very first singles purchase ever.

Oh, and to me it looks like this was a cover idea for the album. The sparks behind it could be on a fuse leading to.. Dynamite!

lovin this cover is reali funky!!! wonder what the video for the song will be like? hummm?!!! cant wait 2 see it!!

As much as I heart Jamiroquai, the single covers are all the same...sure alot of peeps are new fans, but after buyin Jam cd's for 10yrs, the same look kinda takes its toll. Just my 2c.

Yeah i love it too- saw it on the promos selling on ebay a few days ago!!! The last few single covers have been great and this continues that trend!!!

Sure the cover is fine but the content.....same old VERY BORING remixes I`ll bet. Lets have some new or live tracks for a change....

Buffalo man is back again! Definitely the soul of Jamiroquai! Great cover.

Funny you mentioned that Wiggles, I was just thinking about 'new' material included with the singles. Any one remember 'Space Clav' in the 'Half the Man' single? - That should have been a movie score. With reference to the cover; wicked! I just hope the new video gives us a little grit like 'When you gonna' learn'.

Very cool like ¡fuegos artificiales!

bring back the funk odyessy single design (carboard sleeve, available in dvd format) then use the dynamite single artwork on it that would make it perfect!

zed, i remember space clav, it was also included in the singles boxset in 1997 on the stillness in time CD. i have to get that out - haven't listened to it in some time.

Great new artwork for the single, even if the edit is a bit, well.. ropey :)

I'm really liking the "style" they've chosen for the Dynamite singles with the perspex Buffalo man in settings.

The DGHAC cover is now my desktop background :D

looks yery good!the best track of the album I've wait!!

the red one is far far better!!it super cool!

also, from the record company perspective ($$$$) it's more beneficial to release remixes than live versions or new songs.

Deesh: If the record company commission remixes, does that mean that they don't need to pay royalties back to the artist? I'm not sure exactly how this all works.

So, even though the band will have a ton of live versions and a few b-sides that didn't make it onto the album, is this why we don't see so many b-sides etc.?

in my experience - they do need to pay royalties back to the artist. three people get paid out of remixes when they sell legally. the artist, the record company and the DJ that remixed it. we don't see many new songs and live versions on singles, because to the record company, remixes bring in new fans - live versions/new songs just retain the current fans. the remixes are played in clubs/parties by random DJ's, used in stores like h&m/gap/old navy, and etc. live versions usually aren't. so to them, it's more exposure to the world marketing the remixes, therefore more people buying the product. i hope that kind of makes sense.

I just keep on playing Dynamite over and over and over again. Can't get enough of it! Went to see the show on friday in Rotterdam and it was a blast! So glad to have them back! (not that they ever really left ;-))

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