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Added on Saturday 08 October 2005, 08:34 (BST)
Here is the set list from Friday's concert at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands:
  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days in Sunny June
  7. Dynamite
  8. Love Blind
  9. Use The Force
  10. Black Capricorn Day
  11. Love Foolosophy
  12. Time Won't Wait
  13. (Don't) Give Hate A Chance
  14. Alright
  15. Deeper Underground
Credit: J-P

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(Don't)Give Hate A Chance was also played, but I must admit I've forgotten after wich song it was. Still a little dazed after the great show.

Marco: I've just added GHAC into the list. Looking at other recent set lists the track is always played before Alright. I hope this is correct! Thank you telling me about the missing track.

You're fast David.
Gives me an opportunity to say thank you for all your time and efforts you have put in to feed us fans.
Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!

great great great, the settings were timeless.
proper soul.
this is jamiroquai at his best
we only can love this band more and more

It was a great concert, the best I've ever seen! But they didn't play Light Years I thought. In fact after Love Foolosophy they made a fade out to Main Vein. So there was a little piece of Main Vein after Love Foolosophy.
And David, I would like to thank you for running this site, it's amazing!

Great show, nice setlist. Some classic moves by Jay. I particularly liked Revolution, the Dynamite 'jam', Use The Force and Time Won't Wait. But Light Years wasn't played. A big chunk of Main Vein was thrown in though, but I can't really remember after which song. I think they played it after Love Foolosophy, but I'm not sure.
Kudos for updating the site so fast, people.

is it allready known that the band started with lalo schifrin`s theme of enter the dragon.
Whaa! this was superb
I also like to thank david rowe for this funkin site

OK, light years has now been removed! Thanks for everyone helping to make this 100 percent accurate.

And wasn't it nice when Jay stopped the band in the beginning of Space Cowboy? He missed Derrick's cue, so his first verse couldn't be sung in the right timing. He said: hold on, hold, on! Let's do that again! Now that is a sign of a true artist. It made him really kind and down to earth, you know? This is one of the reasons why Jamiroquai is such an incredible live band you know, the other 120 minutes were just in perfect time, this band is amazing live!!! And Jayhas made a lot of improvements with his voice since that last time I saw Jami in 2001. Ain't it Coooool?

Realy enjoyed myself yesterday...great show! The less musicians he brings, the better the sound! BTW: I would love to use the background projections as screensaver... Any chance I can download them here in the near future?

what a blast! ahoy, main vein was played for a bit but cant remember when though.JAM proofs that its one of the greatest bands live on stage,fantastic lightshow en sound.It was really amazing too see what the dot-matrix screens could do! This was my 4th time I saw jay and what can I say...he's the man!!greetings to all jamiroquai fans all over the world from holland!!
(for fantalk and pics:[email protected])

Really loved the show. A good compilation of all is 6 albums. yeh he blowed my mind.
Was pretty amazed that Jay was chillin in Rotterdam the day before, my hometown!

Absoluty top class music :).. jaykay was whining at one technician all the time, sound wasnt perfect first 2 songs then jay went to him and said some things.. and it sounded allot better. Great concert.. i loved Revolution 1993 :)

Hi guys the concert yesterday was just great! The numbers played were Jamiroquai at it’s best. I also liked the small personal touches when J spoke to the audience about he had to go to the hospital in Breda to get his wrist fixed etc. It made the concert feel more intimate.

The concert was great! I only hope we don't have to wait freakin' 4 yrs again for the next show!

WOOOOOWWW....I really enjoyed the show yesterday....too bad it's over now!!Does anyone know if there will be a DVD of the Dynamite tour?I saw a lot of cameras in Rotterdam....maybe a chance of a DVD..."Jamiroquai live in Rotterdam"??!!I HOPE SO!

Great Live show! Love Foolosophy with a little bit of Main Vein was amazing!!!!

Can some great jamfan tell me if there are any pictures on the net from this concert?
I`d really love to see them. thanks

I enjoyed the show from entering Ahoy until the last beat. It was amazing!! This was my first gig since I saw them for the last time in '99....and I must say; altough some of the typical J-bits have changed in the last couple of years, their live performances are still alive and kicking! Thanx Jay and the rest of the crew for a unforgettable show!!

Please make a live DVD...!!!!!!
The last tour and the last live DVD "...Verona" is not so good....I think this could be a better live DVD...

Great show last night. On another topic. After the support DJ set played I don't suppose anyone knows what the first track played was by the house DJ was (lift your hands?) Got things going for the main event but I don't know it. Any ideas?

Hey Fabian, on under the "Jam Party People Forum" just jump to "concert reviews" and click on "Jamiroquai Rotterdam"....there you'll find some great pics from yesterdays gig. By the way...within 1 hour they'll be playing in Brussels....wish I would be there.... :+(

I do agree with all of you who comment that the show was awsome, but nontheless I have to write that the sound wasn 't too good. It was clear to see that even JK got annoyed by it. He tried to get the technician to improve things but that didn 't work out well enough. As I wrote yesterday about my daughter 's first gig-to-be; she enjoyed it till the end!!! I 'm still thrilled by the concert and hope that a "Live from the Ahoy" - dvd will be issued soon. Verona was good but this was better.

There are some photos of the concert now in the live gallery on this site. Please feel free to email me any other photos from this or other concerts.

Yeah, it was amazingly good.. i also hope a DVD comes out.. that happens sometimes in holland when there were big events. There was alot filmed so there might be a chance ...

After 2001 I really had a doubt of goimg this year. But I can't say anything else but: Jamiroquai was GREAT!!! They really made a lot of work of the show and the music. The 'old' songs they played were ab fab. Still one thing I missed: the horn section (Black Capricorn Day without the horns ;-()

If I recall it correctly the playlist in Brussels was more or less the same except Seven Days In Sunny June was replaced by Starchild.

I really loved the concert too! Touched Jays hand, when he jumped down the stage :D . I was on the front row, I still can't believe it, I'm so happy I finally saw Jamiroquai live :D. I also noticed a lot of camera's and Jay also sung to the camera a few times, I really hope there will be a dvd from this. I asked the security, but they didn't know anything about it.

Pure Dynamite. I am living here in Beautiful Holland for the next couple of years with my family so when I knew JK and the boys were playing here I knew I had to go. It was my wife's first ever concert and she was blown away. I saw them in Plymouth in 1996 after he had to cancel a couple of shows because of shingles and I was awe struck then but this surpassed every concert I've ever been to. I agree with Onno that the personal touches were perfect.

Especially Deeper Underground was FANTASTIC ... really felt my intestines resonate with those super-low frequencies ... wow ... that was soooo COOL !!!!

As regards to the filming of the gigs, there is footage of every gig which is archived, I'm afraid it doesn't mean there will be a dvd - but keep your fingers crossed and we might get another one!!

Fantastic Concert ! It was so cool .
Great music & feeling
Greeting from Germany ......

Pleite ;)

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