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Added on Monday 03 October 2005, 23:38 (BST)
Jamiroquai - Salzburg Arena, Austria, 2 October 2005

On Sunday night Jamiroquai performed at the Arena in Salzburg, Austria.  The tracklist was slightly shorter than the last few gigs...

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days in Sunny June
  7. Dynamite
  8. Light Years
  9. Use The Force
  10. Black Capricorn Day
  11. Love Foolosophy
  12. Time Won't Wait
  13. Alright
  14. Deeper Underground
Credit: Arnold Maier, Jorge

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it appears Jay and the band are working their way down to a comfortable 10 song set list for the USA. It's a shame they started with a 20 song list list 2hr show.
let hope we get a better effort in the US late october.

From what I have heard, the band apparently only arrived in Salzburg earlier that day and there was not a great deal of interaction with the crowd during the concert.

I think they're probably just a bit tired at the moment. Lets see what happens at the last few European gigs...

sure, the tracklist was a bit shorter but the overall show lasts 2h. i think jay was angry cause the monitoring doesn't seem to work in the right way. but the show was fantastic...a lot of improvising (yeah paul turner)...some songs where modified....

of course the setlist would get shorter..they started off with 20 songs or more because they wanted to decide which songs are the best to perform,so it was like a rehearsel to choose the songs for a shorter setlist.

Time won't wait was also played after Love Foolosophy! And yes, I also had the impression that Jay was annoyed by the monitor speaker that didn't work properly...

Arnold - I've now added Time Won't Wait into the track list. Sorry.

Im going to jamiroquai next Friday in Rotterdam.. :) Tracklist is short but good quality :)

I hope in frankfurt will work everything best....
I am not happy that they play such a short playlist...
No MR.MOON and other old songs....
The last concert in Frankfurt was four years ago...It was a very bad concert....Jay didn`t dance like he can dance and they startet two songs again, because something didn`t work with the keyboard...I hope it will be better this the concert in 1999...Please play MR.MOON.....!!!!!

Anyone got pictures of the small boy wearing a copy of Jay`s hat on stage at the end of the Salzburg concert?

He'll be in Holland this Friday...I can't wait!! Would love seeing him do Virtual Insanity though....Ah well, it will be lots of fun anyways! Just wondering, isn't it strange he doesn't do '(dont) give hate a chance'? Isnt that his new single?
To the others who are still going to see him on his tour, have fun!!

besides the monitor and shorter set list..was the rest of the show enjoyable?

yeah, the show was great...the tracks were played in a perfectionistic way...unhuman....

Well I have been in Bologna and I have heard a wonderful band, most of all I have been impressed by the live version of Dynamite, which is the way the song should have been recorded, I think. One of the greatest bands ever.

Piol, you are right, the version of Dynamite was absolutely perfect - also in Salzburg!

I'm flying from Stockholm to Brussels only to see the last consert before Jay and the band goes to USA. But I have no doubt it's going to be absolutely awsome!

The concert in Salzburg was great. I think they played inbetween "Love Foolosophy" a part of "Main Vein", can anybody else remeber this.
I've never heard such a big sound in a live concert like "Deeper Underground". wow

SeTom, I also remember they played a fraction of Main Vein as a kind of bridge to Time won't wait. And yes, the bass wduring Deeper Underground was absolute mindblowing!

main vein...yes...also have it in my mind...does anybody has any photos?
i also enjoyed the concert very much, but i think they had some soundproblems which influenced band and crowd...
but all in all GREAT with an amazing finale!

Oh, just another comment regarding the set list etc., Derrick wrote in his email to me [ ]

"We did an overnight to Salzburg which took the good part of eight to nine hours so was not in the best of shapes coming off a bus half asleep."

I guess that may have contributed to the slight change of setlist etc.....

they are also human beings..., need sleep and time to recover...there are so many tour dates! respect anyway!

I did some fotos that I will put on Jamirotalk later this week as soon as I may leave my office again... ;-))

Can`t wait to see them in brussels next saturday ,my first time . They won`t let me down !

Yeah! I met him after the show and he signed two of my CD's. He was soooo cute, sooo sexy! (a shy kiss during making the fan-picture) I loved his show, just in one word: GREAT!!!!!

I was at the concert and it was absolutly amazing!I stood in the first row and to see and hear the band was the best thing that happened to me!!

well,I just got the tickets I am very happy That I am going tomorrow in Rotterdam!!This will be my third time.I would like to hear mr.moon or deeper underground,but I know i will have fun..NO MATTER WHAT!!

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