Children In Need Feels Just Like It Should

Added on Tuesday 04 October 2005, 14:00 (BST)

The music for Feels Just Like It Should is currently being used in a commercial for UK charity Children in Need.  Each year since 1980 the BBC have been broadcasting this fund-raising event, where every penny donated goes to a charity or project that works to improve the lives of children and young people throughout the UK.

Commercials for the event are now being broadcast on the BBC in the UK, with one of them featuring the main presenter of the fund raising "telethon", Terry Wogan, breakdancing to the music of Feels Just Like It Should! This is a great charity and the person in the video doing the "dancing" has been presenting the television show since it fist started 25 years ago. 

For people in the UK you'll probably find it quite an amusing clip to watch, and for everyone elsewhere that's reading this, who knows...

A DivX video of the commercial is now available on the downloads page of the site.

Credit: HayleyC, Mark Roberts

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such lovely news

Yeh I saw this clip the other day. I didn't know Mr Wogan had such skills. Excellent pick of tune too.

That's a fantastic clip! Just as soon as I read the news it come on the tele, Mr Wogan has got some moves in him ;)
I wonder if Jamiroquai will be getting involved with the show *thinks*

That would be cool!

Being the "old fart" that I am - went to bed and turned on the tv and saw the advert -- it's absolutely brilliant!!! :D.

Put a smile on my face - hadn't read the news on here this evening - so a nice surprise!

back to "love soup" night :D.

cool advert! and nice 40 sec edit of the album version, the lirics wouldn't fit the advert except for the chorus as they did :-)

I thought it was worth sending in to David. It's really good :)

supa cool ad!!

I seen it the other day, very good!

i've just seen it, made me almsot wet my pants :D!!

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