Jamiroquai Needs You!

Added on Wednesday 05 October 2005, 10:04 (BST)

In less than two weeks time the 2005 BT Digital Music Awards will be held and Jamiroquai and have a great chance to walk away with some of the awards.  If you've not voted already then please do, and if you have voted, then please vote again!, and Jamiroquai are nominated for awards in the following categories so please vote and make this a funkin good year...

  1. People's Choice Best Music Website - If you enjoy the downloads and news here at please vote for me.  I put almost all of my spare time into keeping this site and thus YOU, THE FANS up to date with the latest news from Jamiroquai.  Just take a moment and please vote for this site.
  2. Best Dance Artist - Jamiroquai & Jamiroquai have been shortlisted for this great award.  Please visit the DMA awards site and vote for Jamiroquai.
  3. People's Choice Best Music Website (official) - If you voted for, then please vote for as well!
  4. Artist Of The Year - Jamiroquai What more can we say.... Please vote today.

It only takes a few seconds to vote and you will make a difference - you just enter your details and press the "vote now" button.

Thank you very much in advance and as soon as the results are announced on 18 October I'll let you know how we did.

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I really hope both the site and of course Jamiroquai will get awards. I think Jamiroquai are very under-rated. As an older fan I sometimes wonder why Radio 2 seldom play their tracks..people are too quick to critisise and Jamiroquai does not get the recognition it deserves. I have seen Jamiroquai twice this year and enjoyed both events - I think JK is very talented and will still be around when he is my age - well over 50!! Good luck to the site!!

now i finish to vote to jamiroquai
keep on funk

I think Jamiroquai is an awesome band and I truly hope that they win. I met Jay jay after one of his gigs at Nottingham. H e is such a sound guy and true to his fans, which somethimes you don't find with some groups. The band definatley deserves to win and they are truly amazing!

I really like repertory of the band & I voted for. Just curious why don't you come with a concert to Moscow? There are a lot of people who would be so-o-o glad to hear Jamiroquai alive! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you to win!

i think jamiroquai is great i have been a fan since a funk odyssey,after that album i had to get every album there great,and that is coming from a mother of 5 so they must be greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt

Jay Kay je fakt gut...jeho muzika je plna energie a jeho texty jsou bozi!!!!!!!


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