Japanese Fan Club Party

Added on Monday 03 October 2005, 21:48 (BST)

On Monday 14 November Jamiroquai will be attending a "Jamiroquai Fan Club Party" at the DUO Music Exchange in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.  This is advertised as a party for members of the fan club, where there will be an interview, question and answer session, autographs, and prizes to be won.

There is also a "surprise" planned which we can hope will be similar to earlier this year...  On 28 May, Jay, Matt, Rob and the backing singers performed a number of live tracks at the DUO Music Exchange following the band's performance at MTV The Super Dry Live 2005 event in Tokyo.

Credit: Yukito Inoue

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it's times like these that u wish u were japanese...

that's a hilarious comment. thanks for that laugh.

you're so funny, QF! but what you said is true I live in Taiwan which is so near Japan, but they never came here:((

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