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Added on Thursday 29 September 2005, 07:31 (BST)
Matt has added a new entry to the Official Jamiroquai Tour Diary, written before Wednesday's concert in Zurich.  In addition to talking about the recent concerts in France, he talks about track that is played directly before the band come on stage:

"By the way, I was glad to read some positive feedback about our intro music for the shows. I made it on my laptop while we were filming the 7 Days video. Jay wanted the original 70's version but the soundman thought it sounded too old. So I used the first 20 seconds of the original then morphed it into my own dance version. I re-created it from scratch, (although I did pinch a couple of samples from the original!). I'm glad people seem to dig it."

The original track he is talking about is "Theme From Enter The Dragon", by Lalo Schifrin (as featured on the LateNightTales Jamiroquai album).

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They have rehearsed Light Years!!! I can't wait to hear this marvelous track! Thanks Matt, you're so Dynamite!!!

Here is a link from "20 Minutes" from Switzerland with a couple of photos from the concert.

Thanks to Jamal.

Hey Matt...could you give us the mp3 of the intro track? :D

Hehe, I thought exactly the same thing when I saw Matt had created the track...

wouls be good if matt could give us the track! please matt!!! :)

yeah, french crowd is really the best! lol

Just wanted to say, loved crosstown traffic, that was funny =)'s cool when you add some song from another artist. And the songs from EOPE, ROSC and TWM are always the highlights!
Bye and love from

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