Starchild Funky House Remix in the mix

Added on Thursday 29 September 2005, 22:05 (BST)

DJ Flatcracker from Utah in the USA has added a new mix to his website which features the "Funky House" white label remix of Starchild.

The mix can be heard in full approximately 46 minutes into the "Deep from the Mountain Ridge" mix at

More information (although not much!) about this remix can be found in the discography here at, and places to purchase the track on vinyl are listed in the original news item that announced the remix.

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flatcracker? utah? jamiroquai has some mormon fans! kidding, just kidding....going off to hear it now.

I never heard of Mormon's in Utah. Hee Hee. There's lots of Jamiroquai fans here. You never hear Jamiroquai on the radio though. :-(

My wife and I are going to see Jamiroquai in Sydney Australia on Dec 3, 2005. We can't wait. We already have tickets.

Oh do you guys like my DJ mix?

mine is still downloading. i recognize many artists on your other mixes, so i will check them out too. you will have a wonderful time in syndney. and hey, i live in philadelphia..and you never hear jamiroquai on the radio either, so i feel you on that! i will let you know about that mix.

I was listening the first 15 min till I got disconected - sounds cool, have to trie it later on again! Enjoy J in Sydney - Manchester was just great! Hope they are coming back to Prague again soon - this concert was just great - All the best from Praha, the golden City in heart of Europe!

These mixes are all pretty good. I downloaded them all and just let them run as I've been working all weekend at my shitty warehouse job. Have a good time in Australia and keep making those good mixes. It made me feel like I was clothes shopping at Express lol.

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